How To Make Great Gift Baskets

There are times when you are in a quandary as to what kind of gift you will give to friends on certain occasions. You try to look around in department stores and gift shops but you just can’t find the right present. The best way to solve your problem is to give a gift basket. A gift basket encompasses all other gifts because it is flexible and versatile. You can fill it with just anything that you think will please the recipient. What’s even better is that gift baskets can be packed with different items, hence giving your gift a touch of variety and thrill.

You may buy ready-made gift baskets from various stores. However most of these gift baskets are already pre-loaded and sealed so you cannot replace or add to the contents anymore. Making your own gift basket therefore is a sound idea.

The following are tips to follow in making great gift baskets:

  1. The things you need in making great gift baskets are: medium sized basket, clear cellophane (colored), shredded paper, cloth napkin, scissors, ribbons, tape and gift tag.
  2. Plan the theme of your gift basket, taking into consideration the occasion or reason for the giving. If you are giving the gift on Christmas, you may as well give items fit for the season such as food, toys for children and winter things. Also you should adapt the color motif of the decorations you will use in accessorizing the basket such that red, green and gold are appropriate for the Yuletide season.
  3. Spread two and half yards of cellophane on the table. In the middle, position the basket firmly.
  4. Line the bottom of the basket with shredded paper or wads of tissue to form a bed for the contents. You may cover the bed with a nice piece of cloth.
  5. Next, place the gift items in the basket, taking care that breakable articles are placed in boxes or wrapped in soft cloth so they don’t get chipped or broken. Arrange the articles in such a way that the big ones are placed in the middle while the small ones line the side of the basket. 
  6. Throw a dash of confetti over the items to make the basket look more festive. Add more accessories like artificial mistletoe or poinsettia flower if you are giving the gift basket on Christmas, or a heart cut out or cute pink bear if it’s to be given on Valentine’s Day. Scatter small candies (individually wrapped) all over the basket and on top of the contents for added appeal.
  7. Close the cellophane by collecting the sides together and drawing it upward to the handle of the basket then twist. Tie a ribbon or bow around the twisted part of the cellophane. 
  8. With a pair of scissors, cut the ends of the cellophane in zigzag pattern.
  9. Write on the gift tag the name and address of the person to whom you are giving the gift. Attach a piece of tape at the back of the gift card and post firmly on the gift basket.

Gift giving can be more fun if you are the one personally wrapping your gift. Assembling gift baskets is easy and gives you opportunity to be more creative.


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