How To Make Hair Clip Display Cards

Hair clips are among the prettiest hair accessories anywhere. Young girls love adorning their hair with colorful and cute hair clips as much as older women do. Hair clips are for all ages indeed and the business of selling these items is quite hot. But just like in any other business, you have to market your goods properly. With hair clips, you need to mount them on display cards to make them more attractive to buyers. This is no problem with big time manufacturers as everything goes through machines in their assembly line. However if you are selling your own hand-crafted hair clips, you will need to make the display cards on your own as well.

Here are steps to help you in making inexpensive hair clip display cards:

  1. You will use these articles: Knife, ruler, cutter, puncher, old cards and labels.
  2. Make an inventory of the hair clips you will mount on the display cards. Sort them out according to color, design, quality and price. You may want to mount a pair or two of hair clips on a single card, depending on how they are sorted out.
  3. Plan your display cards. Estimate how many cards you need to create based on the number of hair clips you have on hand. Make a sketch of the individual cards. You may want to make the cards artistic by coordinating their colors or placing pictures of girls wearing a sample of the hair clips on display. You may also want to place your own logo on the label sheets and affix it on each display card. Print your brand name, business address and contact numbers on paper labels and attach them as well on the cards. You may place these details at the back of the display cards.
  4. With a ruler, measure the metal part of the hair clip so you can estimate where to put the holes on the display cards.
  5. Make a line on the card following the length of the metal part of the hair clip. Mark the end parts of said line. If you are going to display two or more hair clips on one card, draw the corresponding number of lines.
  6. Position the end part of the line under the puncher and punch a hole through it. Repeat with the other end as well as with the other lines.
  7. Using a knife, slice the upper and lower portions of the holes to about a centimeter long.
  8. Insert the metal part of the hair clip into the openings. Make sure the distances of the holes are just right so the display card will not bend when you put in the clips.
  9. Affix your brand name and logo at the front of the card.  Attach the marketing details (business address, contact numbers and other relevant business information) at the back.
  10. Punch two more holes on top and tie a ribbon or thread which you can use for hanging the display card.

Marketing your hair clip products creatively is one effective strategy to perk your sales. By using display cards, you are creating a visual impact of these items thus making the buyers want to buy your wares.


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