How To Make Hand Milled Soap

Hand milled soaps are beautiful, easy to make, and gives you a lot of great options for great soap. Hand milled soap is soap that is created by using soaps that are already made; these are mixed together in fashionable ways for a great look. You can make guest soaps, soap balls, and other great projects.

The first thing you need to know is that hand milled soap goes by several names including hand milled, rebatched soaps, melt and pour soaps, and French soap making. All of these involve melting pre-made soap, either that someone else made or that you made, and then making it into new soap projects.

To begin your hand milled soap you will want to collect your soap. You can use leftover bars of soap, the tiny shreds that you normally throw away, or you can buy soap that is labeled for use in hand milled soap projects or melt and pour soap projects. To make this into something you can use you will want to shred it up. Using a double boiler, melt your soap over the stove. Once it is melted you can choose to add soap dye, fragrance or essential oils for a good smell, or even herbs, dried flower petals, and other additives.

To turn the melted soap into small guest soaps you will want to pour your hand milled melted soap into a new mold. You can use soap molds or even candy molds. Let your soap harden for 24 to 48 hours. Next you can take your soap out of the mold.

To make soap balls you will want to melt the soap, as above. Let your soap cool and begin to harden. Once it is semi-solid and you can pick it up you will want to mold it into balls. To do this, coat your hands in olive oil, pick up a handful of your hand milled soap, and roll it into a ball. Place it on wax paper to finish hardening. These balls are great with flower petals, oatmeal, or other additives for beautiful hand milled soaps.

Other hand milled soap projects can include a wide range of additives such as herbs, sand, sponge, soap chunks, and others. Additional you can experiment with glycerin soaps and so much more.

Hand milled soap making is a lot of fun and you can come up with a lot of different types of soaps to make. You can experiment with all sorts of hand milling!


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