How To Make Hand-Stamped Jewelry

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Do you want to prepare personalized gifts that you can give during special occasions? If yes, then why not prepare a hand-stamped jewelry item? This is not only unique but also one of the best gifts that you can give.

The materials and tools you need are simply found in your own home while others can be cheaply bought in craft stores. You will need a hammer, stamping block, character stamps, permanent ink, steel wool, and the base metal. Starters are advised to use copper as this is cheaper than silver or gold plated base metal. When you have mastered stamping, you can try the other materials.

Here are the steps on how to craft the simple treasures that you give as fantastic gifts to special people and loved ones:

  1. Most likely, you would want to create a masterpiece hand-stamped jewelry. On a piece of metal, you can practice striking letters and designs in order to familiarize with the spacing of characters and the amount of force needed to stamp perfectly. You will also learn how to align the characters to your desired location. This can be done by using the reflection of the characters as the guide.
  2. After being acquainted with striking, spacing, and alignment of characters, you are now ready to select a design. You can start by drawing the design on a piece of paper to serve as your guide. To center a word, make sure that you measure the width of the jewelry and start working at the center. For example, if you want to stamp the word "stamp", then strike the letter "a" at the centermost part of the jewelry. Add the letters "t" and "m" on both sides of "a" then add the letter "s" before "t" while the letter "p" after "m". Don't forget to use the reflection as the guide when aligning the tips of the letters. If possible, make only one solid punch to create just enough depression.
  3. Now, you can oxidize the jewelry with liver of sulfur or by using an oxidation product. But for starters, you can also make use of a permanent marker as it is more available and easy to use. Use the permanent marker to color the depressions stamped in step 2. Make sure that the ink reaches the deepest part as thick as possible. Don't be bothered of the smears as you can remove them in the next step.
  4. With the use of steel wool with grade 0000, rub the surface of your jewelry. This will remove the smears and unwanted marks in the surface while making it more polished.
  5. Your hand-stamped jewelry is almost complete! With a hole puncher, you can make a hole in the area where you plan to put the chain. And there is your personalized treasure ready to be gift wrapped!

Hand-stamping on jewelry is an art that you can perfect. You can start it as a hobby and who knows, you can make money out of this fun and fruitful activity?


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