How To Make Handbags at Home

Most women are obsessed with handbags. When girlfriends get together the first thing they notice in each other besides shoes is the handbag they are carrying. A handbag easily becomes a hot topic for any girly talk. Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci are among the popular brands of handbags that any woman would love to have. And yet much as branded handbag products (which are expensive) are hot items for girls, a homemade bag that you created on your own can stir curiosity and elicit admiration especially when it is well crafted.

To make handbags at home, you will need these materials and tools: sewing machine, fabric scissors, needle and thread, cloth, pattern and hard materials for handbags such as rivets, hard plastic for the handles and etc. Here are the steps on how to make handbags at home:

  1. Decide what color of fabric you want as well as determine the size of the handbag. Look for good cloth material in textile stores. You may also want to recycle old clothes such as jeans or tops as long as the fabric is thick and sturdy enough. You can knit the handbag too, if you so prefer. Whatever material you want to use, just make sure you have a corresponding pattern or sketch to serve as your guide.
  2. Sketch the design of your bag. In the sketch, indicate the materials you will use such as the kind of cloth or fabric, handles, straps, zippers, buttons, rivets, decorations and everything that will go with the handbag. You can get design ideas from craft stores online or you may imitate the pattern from a nice bag you may have spotted somewhere. 
  3. Place the fabric on the table and determine if it’s big enough for the size of bag you want. This is important if you are recycling old clothes into bags. If the material is not big enough, adjust your pattern accordingly.
  4. Cut the pattern using old newspaper so you can have a concrete model for your bag. Next, fold the cloth in two, place the pattern over it and cut the cloth following the contours of the design. This can be done more easily by tracing the pattern on the fabric before proceeding to cut the material. On the other hand if you are using recycled fabric such as old jeans, you have to cut off the legs then stitch the bottom and you already have the body of your handbag.
  5. Fold the fabric with the reverse side out and start sewing. Start with the seams first to make sure there are no flailing threads from the sides. Next, sew the sides together to form the body of your bag. You may sew by hand but if you want your handbag to last longer, use a sewing machine.
  6. Once the body of your bag is done, reverse it again this time with the right side out. Sew on the straps or handles then sew on the flap for covering. If you don’t want flaps, then you may use a zipper or button to seal your handbag. Attach the decorations and your bag is done.

You can accentuate your handbag by tying a scarf on the straps or placing a fabric rose head in front. This way you can make your handbag as your own fashion statement and be a stand out among your friends.  


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