How To Make Heavy Duty Suspenders

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A belt is an accessory that is usually made of leather. It is worn on the waist to hold up the trousers. Over the years, the belt has evolved into a fashion accessory. The belt has also evolved and one of the accessories that was inspired by the belt is the suspenders.

A suspender is a strap that is made from rubber that can be combined with leather. It is made elastic so that it can be adjusted to fit the user. There are a lot of suspenders designed to hold different pieces of clothing. Examples are socks suspenders, undergarment suspenders, and bikini thong suspenders.

A sock suspender is commonly used by children or babies. This is to prevent the socks from falling. Undergarment suspenders on the other hand, is used to hold up stockings. It may also be called a garter belt. Bikini thong suspenders are used to hold up a bikini or underwear.

The most common type of suspenders used today is the brace suspender. It is the type of suspender that is attached to the trousers and goes over the shoulders. The ends of the suspenders hold up the trousers with the use of a clip or button braces.

There are two kinds of suspenders, light duty and heavy duty. Among these two, the heavy duty suspender is better because the straps are made stronger and thicker to ensure that it can properly hold up the piece of clothing.

Heavy duty suspenders can also be made at home. As long as you have the right resources and patience then it will be an easy work. Here is the step by step process on how you can make your own heavy duty suspenders:

  1. Prepare all the items needed. This will include the leather and rubber strap, the buttons, clips and other miscellaneous items that you may need.
  2. Cut the leather into different sizes depending on where you will be using it on the suspender.
  3. Cut the rubber strap into the desired length that you want for your suspender.
  4. Design your suspender by combining the strap with the leader and sewing it together.
  5. Once you finished sewing the two straps, get one edge of each strap and fold it.
  6. After folding, you need to decide what type of lock you will use. You can either choose a clip or a button.
  7. Once you have decided, sew the lock on the folded edge of the strap.
  8. Go to the other end of the strap and then do the same thing.
  9. Try and see if the suspender fits.

Making heavy duty suspenders is not really hard especially if you do know something about sewing. Making your own suspenders will cost you a lot lesser than buying a finished product from different retail stores.


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