How To Make Homemade Floating Candles

In most instances, water and fire are two things which do not mix. Floating candles, however, are an exception to the rule. Seeing water and fire in one decorative piece is very soothing and Zen. If you are planning a party, floating candles are one of the best ways for you to create stand out decorative pieces that are sure to wow your guests. Here are the steps to creating your own floating candles.

  1. Choose your wax. Candle wax can be made using a variety of wax types. The most common type is the paraffin candle wax, and is readily available in many online shops as well as specialty shops near you. These types of waxes can be purchased in a variety of colors. Apart from paraffin candle wax, you can also use soy wax which is quickly gaining a following because these types of waxes are environmentally friendly and are renewable. You can also use beeswax which is naturally aromatic. These, however, need hardeners since beeswax is very soft and will melt very quickly when used alone.
  2. Met and mold. Once you have your wax, take a pot and spray on some nonstick coating. This will minimize the cleanup process for your pots and pans after you have transferred the melted wax into its molds. Depending on the type of wax you will use, you will have either wax blocks or wax powder. Place the amount you need into the pot and heat over low fire until it becomes completely melted. Mix occasionally to release the air pockets that settle in the middle of the hot wax. Once this is done, slowly pour the melted wax into molds. You can use any type of mold that you want as long as the bottom is smaller than the top. This will allow the candles to float in water without tilting over. You can use special trays from candle making shops, or you can use simple cupcake trays that usually have smaller bases and larger tops.
  3. Add the wick. Wait for the wax to cool down a few minutes before adding the wick. After a few minutes, you will notice that the wax begins to form a layer of ‘skin’ on the top. This is the time for you to place the wick. The skin will keep the wick in place, but the center will remain liquid enough for the wick to penetrate. Use wicks that do not have a base, since those with base plates will destroy the skin surface. This means that you will have to keep the wick in place throughout the duration of the hardening and cooling phase.

Once the wax has cooled off completely, you can use these candles on a variety of items such as glasses and bowls that have water in them. In glasses, you can place a single candle and use multiple glasses to generate a design as well as some light. You can also take a large decorative bowl and fill it up with some water. Add a number of candles and let these float around lazily to add light, ambience, and a beautiful sight in your home and for your guests.


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