How To Make Homemade Instruments

Whenever you can bring together music and crafts you can occupy your kids and their friends for hours at a time. Consider making musical instruments at home. Before the kids can play music together, they can enjoy an afternoon of creativity. Follow these steps to make homemade instruments.

  1. Choose the instrument to make. These instructions will help you make a veritable band. Choose from a guitar, cymbals, horn and/or drum. You can make any or all of these instruments by following the remainder of the steps.
  2. Gather your materials. These lists indicate the materials needed to make the instruments.
    • Guitar: shoe box, large rubber bands and a small ruler
    • Cymbals: two metal pot lids of the same size and ribbon
    • Horn: empty paper towel roll, waxed paper, rubber band and a pen
    • Drum: empty oatmeal container with plastic lid, yarn, pen and two spoons
  3. Make the guitar. To make the strumming instrument of a guitar, remove the cover of the shoe box and empty the box. Stretch four or five rubber bands over the box parallel to each other. The rubber bands become the strings so they should be taut across the open face of the box. Press the ruler straight into one of the ends of the shoe box between the rubber bands to create the guitar neck. Now you are ready to play the guitar by strumming the rubber bands.
  4. Create a pair of cymbals. As long as the lids are metal and of the same size, they can be brought together to create the sound of cymbals. Consider attaching ribbon loop to the handle of each cymbal the child can keep the cymbals on his or her hands.
  5. Construct a horn. Start with the empty paper towel roll. Cover one end with waxed paper and hold the paper with a rubber band wrapped around the same end. On one side of the paper towel roll, puncture a row of holes down the length of that side. All you need to do is blow into the open end to create the horn sound.
  6. Get ready to bang a drum. A drum is simple to construct with a round oatmeal can with a plastic lid. Place the cover onto the oatmeal box. Make a hole in the center of the lid and one in the center of the bottom of the container. Thread a piece of yard through these holes. Leave at least two feet of yard length on each side of the top and bottom of the oatmeal container. Tie the two ends of yarn together so that they form a loop. This loop will be put around the child's neck so that the drum hands down near their waist. Use the two spoons as your drumsticks.
  7. Decorate the instruments. Give every child the chance to personalize their instrument once the creation is done. Try using ribbons, yard, glitter, sequins and markers or crayons to decorate the instrument however the child likes.

Homemade musical instruments might be a little crude but they are a lot of fun. Your kids can be as wild and destructive in their head banging and music making. Rest assured they will make music with style and fun.


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