How To Make Homemade Sympathy Cards

It is never easy to send a sympathy card to someone. Most of the time you do so with a heavy heart, knowing that someone close to you is grieving and you feel that a sympathy card is not enough to convey the depth of feeling that you have for the recipient. You just have to keep in mind that the effort you spent making a sympathy card by yourself, choosing the right design and message make the card worth that much more, even if it is homemade.

There are several designs and sizes of sympathy cards that are available in book stores and stationery shops to choose from, but nothing beats a personalized one. You can make an online search and look for beautiful poems, quotes, sayings and prayers that you can add to the sympathy card you are going to make. Other materials such as the base card, are available at craft stores, pre-cut.

  1. You can either get a pre-cut one or make your own, based on the available envelope that you have in stock.
  2. Fold your card in half. You can decorate the face of the card with pictures of lilies, daisies, a religious picture or other appropriate picture. You can cut one out from a glossy page of a magazine or use a postcard and cut it to fit the center of the card face, with about one inch allowance all around.
  3. Use a beautiful ribbon, about one centimeter wide as border for the picture. Attach a small bow in complimentary color to one corner of the border. If you have a sticker or an appliqué butterfly, attach it to one of the flowers in your picture or in the top right corner of your card. You can substitute a lace edging for the ribbon or even some colored rickrack.
  4. For a 3D effect, you can cut a window in the middle of the top flap of the card, slightly smaller than your picture. Remove the inner rectangle and attach your picture on the back of the top flap. If it is a picture cut out from magazine, glue it into a board or paper similar to what you are using for your card. A piece of clear acetate slightly larger than the rectangle you just cut out will give an added dimension to your sympathy card. Attach the top portion of the acetate to the back of the top flap to fit the window, and then attach your picture. Glue the top and bottom of the picture to secure it in place.
  5. If you decide to do it this way, then your ribbon edging should be around the rectangle cut-out.
  6. If you are good with using a calligraphy pen, then you can write your chosen message on the inside of your card. Make sure you leave allowance on all sides and make some light pencil guidelines that you can cleanly erase later to keep your lettering straight. Another option is to use parchment paper for the message and cut the parchment in a design resembling a soft scroll. An easier option would be to type your message on your computer using any of the calligraphic fonts you have and print it on the card itself (before decorating it) or on parchment paper then cut it out and glue in place.

Congratulations. You have just finished your homemade and personalized sympathy card. All you need to do now is sign it and send it in the mail.


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