How To Make Inexpensive Jewelry Boxes

The best way to store your precious jewels is by keeping them in jewelry boxes. But unfortunately, most jewelry boxes are very expensive. Nonetheless, you can still make your own jewelry box, and this is absolutely cheaper but not necessarily less chic than those you see in stores. All you need is a good deal of imagination and inspiration.

  1. Collect the things that you need for the project. You will need a big board of wood, preferably 15 by 18 inches board and a thin cardboard of about 4 by 4 inches. You will also need a wood saw, 8 small wood nails, sandpaper for smoothening of the edges, two hinges, screws and screwdriver, wood adhesive, super glue and wood varnish. Prepare the ornaments that you will use for the exterior faces. You can use beads, shells or old jewelry.
  2. Draw the faces of the box. You will now get into the details. First, draw a 4 by 6 inch rectangle from one of the corners of the block.  Then outline the other sides of the box. You must be consistent with the dimensions that you will use. Use a ruler to make precise scales. Check if the shapes drawn are exact rectangles by drawing diagonals inside them. Measure each and rectify if there are some faults in the outlining.
  3. Saw down the outlined faces. Now proceed to the sawing of the faces. You do not need to exactly saw the edges of the line. Leave a bit of allowance to give you space for the sandpapering you will do later on. When you saw, you must go burst by burst. Do not rush the job because you might lose track of the outline you made.
  4. Stick them together using the adhesive. Connect each face according to its appropriate place piece by piece. Before continuing on to the next face, let the part that are stuck together dry for about a minute.
  5. Nail them into places. Give utmost precaution in your hammering. Because only adhesive pins them into place, precision at hammering is very important. You may need an assistant to make your job easier at this point. Leave the box to completely dry.
  6. Saw the box into half. You must make two identical halves of your box. Do this by sawing on the sides. You will connect these two halves using the hinges. Sandpaper all the rough edges of the box.
  7. Using the thin cardboard, make compartments on one side of the box. Measure the space inside one of the pairs you made and construct the compartments according to your needs.
  8. Connect the two pieces through the sides. Use the hinges. Before screwing them into place, put adhesive to make the connection stronger. Check if the box can now be opened and closed functionally.
  9. Apply varnish on the surface of the box. After the adhesive had dried up, you will now varnish the box. Let it stand to dry for 4 hours.

The box is now finished, and you can design it according to your own style. Line the interior with cushion or velvet cloth and your jewelry box is now a jewel itself.


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