How To Make Japanese Beaded Rings

Finding the correct accessory to go with your outfit can be a tiring process, as well as an expensive one. Because of this, more and more people are customizing their accessories. One of the best and easiest ways for you to create accents that will work for each of your outfits is by creating your own accessories, such as Japanese beaded rings. Here’s how.

Prepare the materials. You will need some elastic craft thread, seed beads, size six beads, and a long needle. These are available in most craft shops. There are also bead sets that come with an assortment of seed beads and size six beads. The seed beads will form the base of your ring, and are small enough to fit comfortably on your fingers.

Choose the focal bead. The focal bead will act as the primary design element in your Japanese beaded ring. The focal bead will be placed in the center of the ring, and should be a size 6 bead. You can, however, choose an array of other beads that are more or less the size of a size 6 bead. As you make more rings, you can also experiment with the types of centerpieces that you use for your rings. Some will even use fancy buttons as the focal bead. Once the focal bead has been selected, the next step is for you to select the seed beads. You will need 14 to 16 of these, in a color that will complement the focal ring.

Prepare the ring. To create the base loop for the ring, take a needle and double thread this. Take enough seed beads to loop from the focal bead up to the midpoint of the ring. You should now have half of the Japanese beaded rings. Next, count the number of seed beads that you have used for one side, and subtract one bead to create the other side. Use these to create the other half of the loop for the Japanese beaded rings.

Closing the ring. Take the needle and thread it through the center bead so that the ring will become a closed loop. Take another double threaded needle and create another half ring with the same number of seed beads. Once done, create the other half of the loop and thread these again into the center bead. You will now have two bands for the Japanese beaded ring. If you have particularly small seed beads, you can create as much as four or five strands for the base of your ring, attached to the center bead. Tie these into place with a knot.

There are plenty of design options when it comes to creating your own Japanese beaded rings. For instance, you can create rings with seed beads in alternating colors. This will allow you to create more design possibilities for the rings. You can also create ring bases with a solid color. The most important design concept when it comes to creating your own Japanese beaded rings is to experiment with the bead patterns and colors.


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