How To Make Jersey Cards

Jersey cards are a popular playing card where information on a particular baseball player or team is found. These are usually traded with other baseball cards. The older the card, the higher the value. Making your own jersey cards is a great way to commemorate games and pass on some of your favorite sports icons to your children. Here’s how you can make your own.

Select the team and player. Begin by listing down the players and teams that you want to create jersey cards for. Once the list is finished, do your research on each of the player. You will need to find out basic stats on the players such as the number of goals, hits, winnings, their history, and some other trivia for the players, such as their favorite food or color. These are usually found in the web.

Select the paper. You will need cardboard paper for the jersey cards. These are tougher than usual printing paper and will withstand the hands of your children and friends who will look at jersey cards. When selecting the cardboard paper, you can choose those which come in an off white color. You can also choose colors which are close the team’s color.

Designing. To create the design for the jersey cards, you will need an image editing software such as Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Photoshop. Open the application and then create a new filet that is the same size as the jersey cards that you want to create. Create at least four boxes arranged in the card layout. The largest box frame will hold the photo of the baseball player in the jersey card, while the other three smaller frames will hold the jersey, the bat, and the team logo. Download the image of your favorite baseball player and attach it to the largest box. Download the other images from the web and arrange to fit into the smaller boxes.

Add the text. The back portion of the card can hold the statistics and trivia about the baseball player. On the front of the jersey card, use a larger font that is set in bold to add the name of the player as well as the summary of the player’s statistics.

Printing. Once these are done, save the file and print these onto the jersey card. If you are making large batches of jersey cards, you can place these in a DVD or CD, so that you will have a softcopy of the cards which you can use to print out more cards once your card has worn down.

Add the jersey. For the finishing touches, you can choose to take a piece of jersey fabric that matches the team’s jersey, and cut these out into small squares. Use glue to attach the jersey pieces into the jersey card. Cut out a small frame that fits the jersey, and glue this over the jersey to keep the edges from fraying.

Unlike mass produced jersey cards, your customized jerseys will not gain much value even after several years. They are, however, very fun to make and are much cheaper than store bought jersey cards.


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