How To Make Jersey Frames

Jerseys are more than just uniforms in the baseball field. These are also memorabilia that plenty of fans keep. If you have a jersey that has been signed by your favorite baseball player, one of the best ways to display and keep it safe is to display the jersey in a jersey frame. Here’s how you can make your own jersey frame from scratch.

Cut the plywood. Take your jersey and measure the height and width of the jersey. Add another five inches to the measurements to give you the dimensions for the plywood that you will use to create the backing for the jersey frame. Use a meter stick and a pencil to sketch the outline for the frame, and then take a saw and use it to cut the plywood according to size.

Create the frame. To create the frame, take a piece of wood stick and cut these so that they will cover the sides of the jersey frame. The wood frames should e at least one to two inches in width. Once the size for the wood frames has been determined and cut, the next step is to create the angles that will allow you to fit the frames together .do this by cutting 45 degree angles into the ends of the wood sticks.

Attach. To attach the frames into place, take wood glue and use these to secure the edges. Once the glue has kept the frames together, take a piece of nail and hammer these into place. Use small nails so that these will not be visible. You should attach the nails from the backside of the jersey frame to keep the front of the frame clean and neat.

Add the batting
. Take the backing and purchase batting fabric. Cut these to size, and then sew on the edges of the fabric using a simple straight stitch. This will hide the frayed edges on the batting. Once this is done, use hot glue to secure the batting fabric on a matt board or a thin corkboard. The corkboard should be nailed onto the backboard.

Attaching the jersey. The next step is for you to attach the jersey to the batting and the corkboard. Iron out the jersey first to keep it wrinkle free. Add in starch from an aerosol spray to keep the jersey stiff and in place. Next, lay the jersey on the batting paper and use pins to secure it into place. Take a thread and needle and stitch the jersey onto the batting fabric. Make sure that you hide the seams on the back side of the jersey, to keep the front neat.

Once the jersey is sewn onto the batting, the final step is for you to nail the backboard, corkboard, and batting onto the frame and then attach a sheet of Plexiglas that has been cut according to the size of the frame. You can add a wire on the frame and hang the jersey in your bedroom or the living room.


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