How To Make Jumper Dresses

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Transforming old and unused shirts at home into jumper dresses is a great way to clothe your children with something ‘new’ and hip, while keeping the budget in check. The project can also be done with the help of your kids, who can add the embellishments and decorations for the jumper dresses. Here’s how.

Outline. You will need an old T shirt for the jumper dress. Loose and extra large shirts are best for jumper dresses, since these are designed to be worn loose around the body. Use tailor’s chalk to create the outline of the jumper dress. The jumper dress is similar to a tank top T shirt, and should have the sleeves cut off. The neckline should also be circular. The height of the neckline will depend on you. As you draw the outlines for the jumper dress, make sure that you leave an inch of allowance on the seams, which you will later sew to create the hem and lining for the jumper dress.

Cut. Use scissors to cut the jumper dress. Use the outlines that you have drawn to guide you in creating the pattern. After you have cut the shirt according to the outline, you should end up with a sleeveless shirt that has a rounded neckline.

Sew. Next, take the cut out jumper dress and fold the seams in the neckline and the sleeves. The fold should be inward. Use sewing pins to keep the folds in place, and then run the jumper dress in a sewing machine using double stitches to keep the seams in place. Adding hems on the shirt’s edge will ensure that the jumper dress will last longer.

Add the skirt. Next, take another large shirt with the same type of fabric or a design that complements the jumper dress, and cut the shirt so that the sleeves and neckline are removed. You should have a simple tube from this. Fold the back of the shirt inward, especially if the shirt to be used as the skirt is smaller than the top. Sew these together to create the skirt. You can also create ruffles if you have an exceptionally large shirt. You can do this by folding in the shirt to create ruffles. The folds should be around an inch in length.

Add the design. To create the design for the jumper dress, you can add patches of decorative fabrics on the skirt and on the dress top. You can also add ruffles on the bottom of the skirt by taking a long strip of fabric that is at least twice as long as the hemline for the dress. Fold these inwards in one inch increments and use sewing pins to attach these into place. Once in place, sew these into place to create ruffles. You can also add buttons on the jumper dress.

Once the jumper dress is completed, you can wear it with a blouse inside the jumper dress. Match the dress with your favorite shoes and add a few accessories and you are ready for a fashionable day at work or in town.


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