How To Make Knitted Baby Hats

To protect the baby against the sun and wind when taking your baby out for a stroll in the park, use baby hats. Knitted baby hats are not only great for keeping babies healthy and well protected, but these can also be made as gifts for expecting mothers. Knitted baby hats are easy to make once you have gotten used to making them, and a variety of designs can be used to create cute and adorable little hats.

Starting point. To create the starting point for the knitted baby hat, you need to chain two crochet strands and then create six crochet nits from the hook on the second chain. This will allow you to create a second round, which is done by creating tow crochets for every stitch. Do this until you have created a dozen single crochet stitches. Mark the end of the second round by affixing a safety pin.

Creating the third round. To create the third round for the knitted baby hats, you will need to create one crochet with three rounds in the first stitch, and then another tow single crochets in the second stitch for the third round. Make a total of 18 stitches by alternating two single crochets and one single crochet. Again, mark the end of the crochet by using a safety pin.

Creating the fourth round. The fourth round for the knitted baby hats is made by creating single crochet on round four’s first two stitches. For the next stitch, create two single crochets. This pattern should be repeated until you have arrived at a total of 30 single crochets. Once the fourth row is made, use a safety pin to mark the end of the round.

Round six to nine. The next rounds can be made by adding one single crochet for each stitch that has two crochets. This should lead to four crochets coupled with two crochets for the stitches in the sixth round. The seventh round should have five crochets coupled with two crochets. All in all, the pattern should yield a total of 54 crochets.

Finishing the knitted hat. To finish off the knitted baby hat, create a sign le round of crochets for each stitch until you have a total of 16 rounds. Once the sixteen rounds are accomplished, the final round should be made of a slip stitch. Use scissors to cut off the thread of yarn and knot or weave this into the hot to secure the cap.

Decorations. You can use various types of threads to create a colorful knit cap, and you can also add ear flaps. Ear flaps are especially useful for babies that live in colder climates, where the wind can cause babies to have frost bite. You can also decorate the knitted baby hats by attaching tassels and pom poms on the top of the hat.

Once the knit baby caps are completed, you can send these gifts for your friends’ babies, or use them for your own child. Create a collection of caps if you want to have a specific cap to match each of your child’s outfits.


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