How To Make Lanyards

Misplaced your keys yet again? It's time you got started on making lanyards. Not only will the lanyards help secure these small items but making lanyards will also give good vent to your creative energies. Not to mention, the number of uses you can put a lanyard to - hanging important keys, your mobile phone case, so you can wear it around your neck, and so on... Arm yourself with some good pliable plastic lace or boondoggle thread and you are ready to go.

Step 1

Preparing the lace. Cut two locks of the lace, of equal and reasonable length. Reasonable length will depend on what purpose you want to put your lanyard to. Fold these two, together, in half. Make a knot just below the top holding the two original locks (now four after the folding) so as to bind them firmly together. Now stretch the four of these locks in four different and opposite directions, North (N), South (S), East (E) and West (W). Pull the W direction lock over the N direction one, close to the knot done earlier. With this done, bring the N lock over the E lock so that the N lock is now covering both the E and W locks. Now bring the E direction lock across the S direction one. Then, bring the S lock over the W lock. Now, draw the ends of each lock really taut and the first knot is done. Ensure once again that the stitch looks correct before moving on.

Repeat these steps, till you get the required length for your lanyard. Then tie a knot at the end so that your lanyard does not start unraveling and sits secured. As the last step, heat the ends of each lock with a lighter or candle so that the ends melt to become sticky enough to be pressed into a hard end.

Step 2

Accessorizing your lanyard. Do you want to make a statement with your lanyard? Well then, beads are the key - beads of varying hues, shapes and sizes. They also help as team accessories when you wear team colors on your lanyard. Follow the instructions below to make your beaded lanyard:

  • Cut the desired length of twine.
  • Arrange your beads in the pattern you desire - by color, size and shape.
  • String the beads onto the twine till you have about four inches of the wire left.
  • Now attach a key ring to the center of the length with a jump ring.
  • Secure the ends by weaving back into the beads thus hiding the ends. Any excess twine can be cut off.
  • Don't weigh down the ring by hanging too many things in it. This might cause the bead string to break faster.

Your creativity knows no bounds and soon you will be at work all the time on your lanyards- inspired to greater heights of creativity by the last lanyard you made.


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