How To Make Lavender Oil from Herbs

People have long appreciated lavender for its beauty and its fragrance. Aside from being an appreciated flower for decoration, people have been convinced for years regarding the many uses that it serves, particularly its medicinal properties when it comes to healing spasms of the muscle and other injuries. It does not only relieve tired muscles but it also helps soothe emotional stress.  Lavender is known for its calming aroma, which helps relax and quiet the mind. Lavender oil on top of soothing tiredness can also eliminate odors caused by pets and is effective in repelling moths. This kind of oil can be easily purchased in health stores. However, you can prepare your own homemade lavender oil. Below are simple steps to follow to do this.

Prepare the ingredients. Gather the ingredients that you need to use in making lavender oil from herbs. You will fresh lavender, strainers, olive oil and glass jars as container. Get all of these ready on your countertop to make it easy to work through the project.

Crush the fresh lavender. Start by getting the pieces of fresh lavender and place them inside the jar container. Get the leaves, stems and flowers of the lavender in and put as much as you can inside the jar.

Add olive oil. Once you have the pieces of the lavender plant inside the jar, the next thing that you need to do is to pour olive oil into the container. Fill in the container with as much olive oil until it reaches the rim of the jar. Make sure that it is filled up leaving no air and soaking the lavender parts in olive oil.

Leave to blend. Let the jar with the olive oil to sit for a month. You have options on where you will store the jar. You can store it a dark, dry and cool place or put it beside the window pane where it may get sun light. Oil has the tendency to become stronger when it gets more sunlight. Do not forget to shake the jar on a regular basis so that the lavender pieces and the jar will blend well. This will help infuse the components of the oil and lavender together, allowing herbal infusion to take place.

Put in a bottle or container
. Once the herbal infusion has been left to blend for a month, you are now ready to strain off the lavender pieces separating it from the oil. Pour in the oil in a clean dry container and cover it. The lavender oil is now ready for use.

Lavender infused with herbal oil works on curing a number of ailments. Oil can be rubbed and massaged onto the skin to relieve tired muscles. Diffusing the oil is another option for using it. Its aroma will help create an ambiance of comfort, calmness and coolness. This is an effective and very practical way of making lavender oil, rather than purchasing them from stores.


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