How To Make LED Refrigerator Magnets

LED lights are very convenient in lighting dark places. LED produces the brightest lighting available. Using this technology at home along with some ingenuity will help you and your family avoid bumping into fixtures and furniture at night. At the same time, it is a good decoration when placed with a magnet to stick on the surface of your refrigerator. Creating LED magnets for your refrigerator is simple and it is a fun and interesting project to make. Follow the steps below to add that splash of color and light to your kitchen by making LED refrigerator magnets.

  1. Prepare your materials. Gather all supplies that you will need to create the project. Prepare all of these things on top of your desk so you can easily reach for them. You will need several pieces of ten millimeter LED that come in different colors, three volt lithium batteries, some nickel-plated magnets which are round and some sticky tape.
  2. Check the LED lights. Grab the different colored LED and hook them with the batteries. This is done by putting the anode, which is considered as the leg of the LED which is long to the positive end of the battery and placing the cathode; the leg that is short to the negative end. The ends of the battery are called the terminals. This process helps determine whether both the LED light and the battery are working. If the LED lights up then you can now move to the next step of the process.
  3. Attach the LED to the battery. Once you have checked and made sure that the LED lights are working well, the next step is to the secure the LED light against the terminals mentioned above using sticky tape. Make sure that the LED touches the terminal and that the ends are wrapped tightly.
  4. Stick the LED light and battery onto a piece of a nickel-plated magnet. The magnet will allow your light to stick onto the surface of the metal. Secure the light onto the magnet using sticky tape. You might need to use super glue to mount them in place. Make sure that it sticks well and will not fall off.
  5. Repeat the same process for the other LED magnets. Follow steps one to four as cited above for the other pieces of LED refrigerator magnets that you will be creating.
  6. Stick them on the surface of the refrigerator. Once you are done securing the magnet in place, the LED magnet is now ready for use. Arrange them in interesting colors or patterns onto the refrigerator surface.

Creating LED refrigerator magnets is very easy. The batteries may eventually run out, but they are easily replaceable. You will have fun making lighting effects with LED magnets, which will add to the appearance of the refrigerator. These will also make it easier for you and your family to locate the fridge even at night – all without the need to open up the kitchen lights.


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