How To Make Leg Warmers from Socks

Leg warmers are designed to cover the legs from below the knee to just above your ankles. Some legwarmers are even higher and reach the thighs. As the term implies, they serve to keep your legs warm when it is cold. Leg warmers are created from varying materials such as cotton and synthetic fibers. Fashion styles that used leg warmers were a hit during the eighties when there was an aerobic frenzy. These days, leg warmers are worn for aesthetic and functional purposes. They can be bought from stores, but instead of purchasing them, you yourself can easily make them from socks.

Prepare your tools and materials for the project. Gather everything that you need to create the leg warmers. You will need a pair of scissors, a needle, some thread and a pair of socks. You can purchase a pair of socks or even use an old pair in making the leg warmers. Have your supplies ready at your work desk for easy access.

Decide which pair of socks to use. It is important to choose the pair of socks that you will be working on. You can look at your old boxes to see which socks can work as good candidate for this project. Plain socks will look good and those that come in print can equally look interesting. Either way, you can choose to create as many leg warmers as you please especially if you will be recycling old pairs of socks in the process. Make sure that you choose the pair of socks which are high; the length should be up to the knees or even the thighs. If they are not high enough then it will defeat the purpose of creating a leg warmer.

Start with the pair of socks. Get a sock and turn it inside out. Place it on a surface that is flat and with a pair of sharp scissors, cut off the foot of the sock. Take note that the cut should be made at just about above the heel. Leg warmers sit above your ankles however; you need to leave some allowance for sewing. This allowance will work as the cuff to your leg warmers. Folding a good two inches will work for this purpose. Get the other pair of the sock and do just the same. Cut slowly and carefully.

Sew the ends. When the feet of the socks have been cut, they are now ready for sewing. Use a hem stitch to sew the ends of the socks that have been cut. Tuck half an inch of cloth and start sewing the hem. Use a needle and thread to accomplish this. It is best to use a thread with the same color as the socks. Sewing is an important step as this will keep the cut thread from unraveling eventually. This happens when they are washed and used. This also keeps the socks neat and clean looking at the ends. When you are done, your leg warmers will be ready for use!

Using old pairs of socks to make leg warmers is very practical and cost-effective. It is a good way of keep your legs warm and at the same time be fashionable. Bring out those old pairs of socks and see just what you can do with them following the steps in this simple project. Have fun!


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