How To Make LEGO Street Cars

LEGOs are one of the most creative toys ever made, which allows children to build everything from pirate ships to urban cities using small building blocks that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The LEGO world has expanded throughout the years, and one of the items that you can create are LEGO street cars. Here’s how.

Materials. Before creating your own LEGO street car, you should know the various types of LEGO blocks that will be used. Generally, the blocks are named after the number of small dots or units that are present in each block. Therefore, the 6 by 1 LEGO block is six dot units long and one dot unit wide. Most of the bricks that you will need to construct your LEGO street car are the 6 by 1 blocks.

Base. Begin by creating the base for the street car, which is done by placing a 16 by 8 block configuration and using this is the platform where 6 by 1 blocks will be placed. Do this until you have created something which resembles a raft on a platform, or a stage. This will be the base for your street car.

Walls. Once the base is created, the next step is to create the walls. Do this by using 2 by 4 LEGO blocks that you will add on the sides of the platform. Continue adding in walls until you have blocked the three sides. For the fourth side, which should lie on one of the lengthwise sides of the street car, place two 2 by 2 LEGO blocks which will allow you to have two door frames in the street car. Continue adding in the height of the wall by repeating the pattern on top of the prior blocks, which should give you the image of a broken wall with space for the door frames.

Window frames. Next, use the longer 8 by 1 pieces to seal off the top of the door frame once you have created a wall that is around five blocks high. After sealing of the top of the door, add another space on the empty walls by creating blocks similar to the door frame, but a few units beyond the door. Make two of these slots, and once the top is reached, use the 8 by 1 LEGO blocks to create the roof of the window. For the rest of the wall, simply fill in all the slots with smaller LEGO pieces.

Roof. To create the roof for the street car, lay out a block that is made of 8 by 16 blocks, until you have the first layer. The second layer should stand on the base, but with a margin of one dot unit. The third layer will also have a one dot unit margin, and the fourth will have another dot unit margin. This will lead to a cone shaped roof. Attach this on top of the street car walls.

Wheels. To add the wheels, use the ball joints and coupling pieces. Create as many street cars as you need and place coupling bricks on the front and back so that you will be able to create a train of street cars.

As you create your LEGO street car, keep in mind that you can substitute the pieces with other equivalent pieces. The point is that you should be able to create roofs, windows, and doorframes using the LEGO blocks.


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