How To Make Lighted Fireplace Vases

Lounging in front of an open fire with family and friends is one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy the holidays. Not everyone, however, can enjoy a fireplace. People with allergies to smoke and heat, or those who live in very warm climates, can feel better by enjoying a lighted fireplace vase. This easy project will give the mood and ambience that a fireplace has, without the need for burning logs or excess heat.

Choose the vase. Choose several large vases. Depending on the size of the room, you will need three to five vases. The vases should be made from glass or clear plastics. These should be large enough to act as the centerpiece for your home, since they will replace the fireplace. You can choose crystal vases that have cut sides that will refract and scatter light.

Arrange the vase. Next, take some marbles and carefully place these on the bottom of the glass. Make sure that you do not simply pour the marbles into place, since the weight of the marbles may crack the glass. Add enough so that a quarter of the glass vase is filled with marbles. The marbles will keep the vase stable because of the added weight at the bottom of the glass. The marbles can also be used to add color for the fireplace vases. You can use multicolored marbles that will scatter the light in a variety of colors. Add various colors in one glass, or add one color of marbles for each glass vase.

Add light strings. Next, add the string lights onto the glass vases. Add just enough so that the vase will be filled with lights. Make sure that you do not create tangles as you add in the light strings. Do this by carefully and gently letting the string lights fall onto the bottom of the glass vase, letting natural coils form along the way as you guide the light strings down. This will also allow the light strings to naturally create spaces and gaps that will accent the tiny light bulbs.

Plug. Once the light strings are in place, take a power strip and connect the ends of the light strip. The power strip can then be connected to a power supply. Make sure that you place the light strips into the glass vases with the power cord end hanging at the lips of the glass vase. You can tape the power strip to the table or floor, to keep it stable. You can also cover the power lines with carpeting to hide these from view. Once this is done, plug in the power strip and enjoy the warm glow that your fireplace vases create. You can add a fireplace vase set in every room.

Unlike fireplaces, the fireplace vases will add color and a gentle glow in your rooms whatever the time of year. Even at the peak of summer, recreate a cool and gentle December season by plugging in the fireplace vases. These will not add heat, and will not emit smoke – perfect for homes without fireplaces in warm regions.


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