How To Make Lollipop Wedding Favors

Among the many details that you need to map out for a wedding, wedding favors are among the items on top of the list. Wedding favors are a token of your appreciation for guests who have graced your wedding and will help your guests remember the event. One of the inexpensive wedding favors that you can create are lollipop wedding favors, which are easy to make, and are delicious as well.

Get lollipops. Begin by choosing your lollipops. The best lollipops are the traditional flat lollipops that are made with colorful sugar candy swirls that create a flat surface. There are, however, plenty of other lollipops that you can choose. If you have a sweet tooth, you can try the chocolate lollipops as well.

Design the card. Next, create the cards that will accompany the lollipop favors. Using a graphic processing software application, create a template for the design. You can use Microsoft publisher or Adobe InDesign for the job. If you are handy with these applications, you can create your templates from scratch. Use light colors, pastels, and creams for the background. Add white flowers and other symbols for weddings. You can also download pre-made templates from the Internet.

Print. Print the design on a sheet of paper. For fancier wedding favors, try scented specialty paper that come in a variety of textures and scents. To print, take the paper size and create a blank page on the computer with the same size as the paper where you will print the cards. The cards should be approximately 1.5x2.5 inches in size. Arrange the design so that a matrix of cards will be printed on the sheet of paper. Once printed, use a scissor to cut out the individual cards.

Add text. Next, use calligraphy pens to write the names of the individual guests in the wedding. You can also add the names while designing the cards in the computer, but hand written names add a more personal touch for the wedding favors. You can also allot a space in the card where you can write notes for the guests.

Attach. Use a puncher to create holes in the cards. Use a small ribbon or strips of lace to attach the card to the lollipops. Tighten the knot so that the cards will not fall off the stem of the lollipop. You can also attach other decorative elements such as small beads into the ribbon or lace cords.

Make your own lollipop
. If you want to personalize the lollipops that you will use for these wedding favors, you can also create your own lollipops. You will need lollipop molds, chocolate chunks, and lollipop sticks. Baking chocolates are available in most grocery stores. Melt these in a pot and then pour over the molds. Attach the sticks before the chocolate hardens, and wait for an hour or so. Once the lollipops have fully formed, wrap these in clear plastic sheets.

These lollipop wedding favors can be made days in advance of the wedding, for your convenience. On the actual wedding day, simply place the favors on the reception table, where they will also act as place holders. Or, you can give them away individually after the reception.


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