How To Make Magic Wand Party Favors

Almost every child will go through the magical phase where they will fall in love with all things that are related to magic – whether flying carpets and genies or wizards with their magic wands. For a small child’s birthday party, a magic wand is an inexpensive and playful party favor that you can make yourself.

Paint the dowels. Begin by taking a set of wooden dowels. Dowels are available in most hardware shops. Set a space in your backyard where you will paint the wooden dowels. Arrange old newspapers on the clearing so that the cement or grass will not get paint stains. Use a spray paint to add color to your wooden dowels. So that you will not have to hold the wands by hand, use play dough to keep the wooden dowels in an upright position. As an alternative to paint, you can also take a long piece of ribbon and use hot glue to attach one end to the bottom of the wooden dowel. Cover the entire length of the stick with the ribbon and use hot glue again to keep the ribbon in place.

Create the stars. To add accents for the magic wand, create stars that will sit on the top of the magic wands. Do this by tracing the outline of a star onto cardboard. There are cookie cutters that will give you the outline of the star, but there are also stencil sets that have star patterns in them. Once the star has been created, use a scissor to cut out the pattern. Place the cardboard star on a piece of colored foil and fold the foil onto the star so that you will have a shiny cardboard star. Cut off the excess foil.

Add trinkets. Next, take a puncher and add one hole on the top of the star. Attach ribbons or small strips of lace onto the hole in the star. Add another strip of flimsy fabric net, which will create the billowing effect whenever the wand is ‘used’ by your child and her guests. You can also use silk threads to attach beads to the tip of the star. Be creative and imaginative. You can even use the tinsel from the Christmas tree to decorate the magic wands.

Add the card. The magic wand party favor should also have a card attached to it. You can print a simple card template from Microsoft Publisher and use calligraphic pens to write the individual names of the guests onto the card. Print the cards on scented paper in various colors to spice up the magic wand party favors. Use the puncher to create a small hole in the cards. Afterwards, you can use a length of yarn or some leftover ribbon to tie the card to the magic wand.

You can also experiment with other shapes for the main decoration in the magic wand. Instead of a star, go for a crescent shape, or a heart shape. When creating your magic wand party favors, the most important consideration is creativity and fun.


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