How To Make Marquetry Patterns

Marquetry is a form of art that makes use of wood in order to make images that are superimposed. Veneer wood or platings are used in creating this project. Images to be made can vary, such as flowers, fish, and scenes – all depending on what the artist wants to display. It is an interesting form of art, which you can create yourself by following the steps below.

Design. It is important to start the project by identifying what image it is that you would like to make a pattern of and how big exactly is it that you would like it to be. There are a number of things, which can give you inspiration on what to capture. If you were comfortable in drawing, then it would be great to work on something, which you have creatively conceptualized. If you are not adept at sketches, you can go ahead and use a photograph to start with or get a pattern from the Internet, which you can use. Patterns provide the skeleton or the outline, which you need to use as basis in identifying the veneer type, which should be used in obtaining that vision that you have in mind. From here, you may prepare the veneer list that will go along with your pattern. Take note that is important to identify the direction which grains should be taking to achieve that look or effect that you want.

Trace the image. What you would like to do next is to copy the image to a graph paper using a pencil. Do this by tracing the image taking into consideration the segments and its shading. It will be best to darken them for you to follow them as the outline.

Get ready to cut. Once you are done with the process of tracing or once you have completed all the segments of the image, what you should do next is to start cutting following the outline or the pattern that you have created. Keep the pieces in a container or envelop for the next step.

Color the cut-outs. Get pieces one by one from the container and color them as desired. Take note or remember the effect that you had in mind at the start of the project. Use this as a guide when it comes to coloring. Colored pencils will be best to use in this step.

Mark and Label. Continue by creating a list that will show the veneer that will correspond to the pattern drawn. On the original image, which was made, you should create a label and place the veneer type. This will go with the pattern which was colored and placed on the graphing paper.

Marquetry is truly interesting. It is art that has started with the pharaohs and has long withstood the test of time. It is indeed a classic and a crafting process which you can experience first-hand.


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