How To Make Memory Books

Everyone goes through important life events. They can be celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and a whole lot more. Since they are moments that you spend joyfully, commemorating these through memory books is a good DIY project to undertake. A memory book allows you to do this. With a memory book, you are able to immortalize important events, note details, and even add your personal touch or designs in making them interesting.

Prepare the photos. The first step that you would like to do is to gather all the pictures that have been kept lying around or stored in an old shoebox in the attic. Prepare all those photos that you would like to keep in your memory book. It is also a good idea to group them into themes. They can be about vacations that you have spent together as a family. Holidays or anniversaries celebrated over the years or perhaps growing up years of a particular loved one. This means that you may have several memory books to work on.

Preserve Pictures. Once you have gathered all the photos that you would like to include in your memory books, it is suggested that you make copies of them so you are not just left with the one that will come with the memory book. If you want, then you can even choose to scan them and keep them stored in a disc that you can keep or even in your computer hard drive. This allows you to have extra copies of the original photographs.

Get your materials ready. You’d like to add a touch of flare and design your memory bank so it doesn’t turn out to be just another album. With the themes that you have in mind, think of ideas on how you can decorate the memory books. There are a number of items that you can use in decoration. These items can be easily purchased in a books or craft store. Some suggestions include stickers, ribbons, beads or even scrapbooking items that already come in different designs.

Start Decorating. Work on one theme first and identify the pictures that you would like to emphasis in the memory book or you can even go chronological when it comes to sequencing the events. You can have just one picture highlighted in one page or you may have several. Add captions to it along with it or add a description such as dates and other details. From here, you can decorate and design them. Use the materials that you have purchased from the store. This will be based on your preference and there are no limits when it comes to the process, as your imagination is the only limitation. Move on to the next photos and do the same thing. It is up to you whether you would like to decorate each page or not. You can even enclose them in a clear sheet to protect the page.

Making memory books is indeed an activity that is fun. These books can be placed in the living room for friends, family and visitors to see. It is a good way of preserving and remembering those precious moments in your life that mean a lot.


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