How To Make Modeling Clay

Making clay is a project that is easy and budget friendly. This activity also provides bonding time for parents and kids. They can all work together in making the modeling clay and once done, they can spend time molding them or playing with their clay. What is even better about making modeling clay is the fact that the ingredients needed are very simple and can easily be found at any home.

Prepare your ingredients. The ingredients in making modeling clay can be found in the household. They are salt, flour, water and food coloring. Prepare them on your work desk along with a container that you can mix them in. Cover the table with old news paper so that you do not create a mess. Once done making the clay, the paper can be easily discarded for cleaning. It is suggested to either work on making modeling clay in the kitchen or outdoors. Make sure to keep away from carpets and areas of the home with a lot of fabric as it will be hard getting the mixture out from these household items – likewise when the clay is made and you and your kids are working on modeling them. Wear an apron so that the mixture does not get to your clothes.

Mix the ingredients. Kids can be invited and called in this process. They can help out in mixing all the ingredients together. The process is simple, as it does not require cooking and the ingredients are non-toxic and safe. Once everything is ready, the next step is to combine all of the ingredients together. Pour in 3 cups of flour, a cup of water and a cup of salt. Mix of these together and put in the color of food coloring as desired. Continue mixing everything until they blend well. Once you notice that the mixture has become moist and has thickened, start working on the mixture with your hands. Knead it until you see that the mixture has firmed up and has obtained that clay-like texture.

Ziploc it. Place the kneaded mixture into a plastic container that is air tight. Putting it in here ensures that it does dry up.

Make other batches. Create another batch for a different color by following the same process mentioned above. Continue the process until you have created all the colors that you need. Store the clay by color just the same as mentioned above.

Mold them. The clay is now ready for use. You and your kids can work on the clay during play time. You may identify a theme that you are working on or go freestyle in the project. Once you and the kids have created your pieces of art, then you may leave them out under the sun to dry.

Making clay for modeling is an activity that is inexpensive and easy to do. Works of art using the home-made modeling clay can be displayed at home and used to decorate countertops and tables. It is a fun activity for both parents and kids.


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