How To Make Molds for Stepping Stones

A mold is a matrix that is used generally for creating shapes. They serve as the model or frame that is followed. There are various stepping stone molds that you can buy in the market. However, these molds may turn out to be quite expensive, so before you come running to the nearest supplies store, take note that not all molds necessarily have to be purchased. In fact, you yourself can make your very own molds.

Size and Shape. The first thing that you will have to consider before making your mold is to decide on the size and shape of your stepping stones. Start thinking of what you would like your stepping stones to look it. Envision what kind and how big they should be. This will help you decide and identify which molds to work on. Take note that there are no limitations when it comes to what you would like the stepping stone to look like. This means that there are no restrictions when it comes to the size and the shapes, and would all depend on your imagination and preference.

Different types of molds. Once you have envisioned the stepping stones that you are going to make, the next step is to work on the mold. Take note that you have a number of types to use and that there are a lot of options to choose from. Below are but just a few suggestions on molds:

  • Plastic Saucer. Saucers made of plastic that are used for plants create good results in making round stepping stones. You may already have some at home to use, and what’s great about them is that they can be re-used.
  • Plastic Stepping Stone Molds. Molds as mentioned can be purchased in the gardening section or even in crafts store. They come in varying sizes and shapes and are made of plastic. Just the same as the plant saucer, these  molds can be reused.
  • Fancy Stepping Stone Molds. There are molds that are more intrinsic when it comes to the design and shape. Fancier of course means that these molds may come with a price that’s quite expensive. Browse over the Internet to see options when it comes to these fancy molds.

Old Materials. Old items lying around the house or perhaps stored in the garage or basement area can be good suggestions as molds in creating your stepping stones. Some examples of these are old utensils or pans that were used for baking. This is a good way for saving money; just make sure not to forget to put some cooking spray or petroleum jelly to line the pans. This way, the mixture does not stick to it.

Other Inexpensive Options.  There are other inexpensive materials that you may use in creating molds for your stepping stone. This list includes paper boxes, pans made of aluminum and storage boxes made of plastic. All of these suggestions likewise provide that shape to your stepping stones. Wood can even be used as mold.

Although there is an easier option of buying molds in the market, it is best that you take a good look around your house to see whether there are materials available which can serve the same purpose instead of buying immediately. Doing this allows you to be imaginative and the same time save money.


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