How To Make Money from Writing Books

Writers are all around you, they can be writing since they were young or simply anyone who decided that it is time to write about their life. Some write about the most unique plots and end up as millionaires. You too can make money from writing books, but you need to be realistic. Not every book leads to a pot of gold. Read some suggestions below and earn from your writing.

  1. Writing books is not easy. What you are writing can be something that is being written by your next door neighbor. If you are an expert at something, you can start writing teaching books. Do not just focus on having your book published. You can also sell an ebook. A certain hype and popularity is needed though to make sure somebody buys your book. You can start off by building a blog and growing a readership. Give glimpses to your ebook and if it is good and people trust you, then you can make some money off it.
  2. A writer usually has tons of ideas about what to write. Books authors of fiction can make a lot of money by using just their imagination. If you have real talent and you have an interesting plotline then a publishing company can snap up your work. It takes a bit of patience though. There’s the writer who was refused several times by publishing houses and came out on top of the bestseller list and became a phenomenon. Do not lose hope.
  3. Writing published work is not a walk in the park. There are probably thousands to one in ratio of writers to publishers. Being a well-known personality in town can be an advantage. Use it in promoting a book about your life or what you have learned. Even a story about how you grew up in your small village can give you some loyal readers in your area. That is still hard earned money however small.
  4. You do not need to be an expert in literary writing to earn money. If you have a manuscript stored somewhere in your house, try to search online and join book writing contests. The prizes can be thousands of dollars. You are not going to lose anything by joining one. Check the categories and the conditions in joining. Once you deem yourself qualified, join and you might even end up winning.
  5. Another thing you can do is join state fairs or join garage sales. You never know whom you can encounter. Print out some of your books and try to sell them at a low price.
  6. Even if you have the novel that you think can start a new cult following, it would be nothing without good marketing. Get media attention by having something sensational to say or having something that will spark everyone’s interest.

Lucky are those who make money from writing books. Earning from doing their passion must be one of your dreams. When you write, think about what you are keen on, what people would be interested in and something that could be profitable.


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