How To Make Money Recording Books on Tape

Also known as audio books, recording books on tape has become popular nowadays, especially when iPods and Mp3 players have sprouted all over the place, making it possible to listen to anything, anywhere you go.  This has been originally made for the blind in the 30’s and has started to become a trend in the 80’s.  Since then, it has never left the mainstream of the audio industry.  Your main job is to basically read a certain book from start to finish with exceptional clarity in every word, correct pronunciation and appropriate voice tones.  It would take a great deal of patience, effort and time on your end to successfully make an audio book to everyone’s liking.  You can also earn lots of money from it.  If you have the voice talent, read on to learn more about how to profit from simply recording a book on tape.

  1. First, you need to listen to a bunch of audio books so that you will know what the job entails.  Observe how they read, take note of the pacing, the tone, etc. 
  2. Practice reading books until you get your own style or niche.  Once you know what to expect, start practicing by reading books.  Apply the correct pacing and tone based on the audio books you have listened to.  Keep on practicing until you get used to reading out loud and until you discover your own style.
  3. Next thing you need to do is to record your own voice while reading a part of a book.  Play it back and take note of the things you need to improve on.  It would be very helpful if you ask help from a professional or from people in the industry to accurately review your work.
  4. When you are fully satisfied with your practiced recordings, you can now start recording your demos.  This will be your introduction to audio publishers.
  5. Once you have your own demos, go to a voice talent agency and inquire on how to sign up with them.  Show them your demo and make sure you tell them your intentions.  They will help you find jobs.  A rate of 10 to 15 percent will be deducted to your talent fee with every job that they will give you.
  6. You can also market yourself by creating your own website or placing ads online.  This will be a great tool to attract clients.
  7. It is extremely important to be professional at all times.  Show this by being punctual to all your scheduled recording sessions and by submitting on or before the client’s deadline.  This will ensure a long term business relationship.
  8. Never take your voice for granted.  This is your main instrument to earn money so make sure you take care of it properly.  Avoid smoking and staying late at night.  Do not overuse your voice on the day before your recording session starts.  Drink lots of water and avoid cold beverages right after reading a fifty-paged book.

Like all other artists, the beginning is the most difficult and tedious process that you’ll ever experience.  But once you have established yourself, it will be a walk in the park for you.  Just be consistent in your work and always be professional.  Soon, jobs will land on your doorstep.


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