How To Make Money Writing Articles Online

While making money online is much like starting your own business, it can happen. You need no start up costs. All you need is time, energy, and dedication. At first you won't be making enough money for it to be worth your time, but as you do more you will make more. Writing articles is one of the best ways to make money online.

  1. Choose the site(s) for you. There are many sites where you can write and make money doing it. It really depends on you as to where you begin. Maybe you want to work them all, or just one. Finding the site that is right for you might seem difficult, how can you find the site for you out of thousands of sites on the internet? It isn't as bad as it seems. While there are lots of places out there to write for money, you can choose the ones for you by the types of articles you want to write, which one appeals more to you financially, and which one you think you would enjoy most.
  2. Write what you know. Good articles can be written about almost anything. You can take the time to do research and share great knowledge about many topics, but this takes more time. To make money from your articles, it is best if you write them from what you know. That way you can save time (which is money) by not having to do research.
  3. Write quality articles. This seems obvious, and besides, no one sets out to write a bad article. However, it isn't always that easy. It is best if you reread your article, spell check, and fix any errors. Check to make sure that your article has come together in a logical order. While trying to get out articles as fast as you can is important, it shouldn't come at the expense of your writing quality.
  4. Write lots of articles. Most programs are based on revenue sharing, and even those that aren't are often based on page views. Because of this, the more articles you have, the more people will see them, the more traffic, the more clicks, and down the line, the more money. It is that simple. Additionally, at many sites, there are rewards for more articles. You might get featured more or linked to more. You also provide people with more ways to get to your profile, which in turn gets other articles viewed as well.
  5. Be persistent. This isn't always easy. But persistence is a must. Today you may only make a few pennies. Somedays this can wear you down. But if you stick with it, you will see your earnings increase. When feeling down, it is the perfect time to try a new program.

    If a program isn't working out for you, or if you are really struggling, keep up the good work. You are doing well and you just have to keep working the system to make it grow into something worth talking about.

While it isn't easy to build up a good income online (I certainly won't tell you it is), it is worth it. You will eventually feel accomplished and you will see the money come in. You really do have a large number of websites to choose from!

  • How-to articles. Here at, for example, you have revenue-sharing through Google Adsense, which means you get 50% of the ad earnings on your article pages.
  • Review articles. There are tons of different places to write reviews. I enjoy using Review Stream, where you are paid something for every review you write and you can review anything. Another great option for writing reviews is Shared Reviews.
  • General articles. Associated Content pays upfront for some articles as well as performance pay for almost all articles. Helium and Triond pay according to performance. Hubpages and Speak About It share Google AdSense page impressions. And Squidoo offers something completely unique.

Now you know how, and you have a few places to get started. Or you could apply to be an expert in a field you have knowledge about right here at It is sure to be good for you and for your future, as long as you follow the 5 steps to making money online from your articles!


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By Lang (Elaine) Ngo


By Lang (Elaine) Ngo

I just heard about this website thru a customer who told me that I should post my advices online & get pay. I've never think I can be a writer, but now I'm trying. I still need a lot encouragement, this article is one of them. I'm really appreciate all the topics you covered, so far I am still trying to read all the topics that interest me (especially, that have written by you). You are right about one more thing, the more you write, the more traffics you bring readers to your website. I have a lot to write about, just I don't know when I get the confidence to finish & publish one at a time. :-l

By Lang (Elaine) Ngo

I am not sure exactly what you mean by more specific. In order to do that I would need to know what your specific questions or concerns are. I have gained a lot of knowledge in the past year and would love to help you answering any questions that you might have.

By Danelle Karth

Could this be a little more specific? I liked that you added some sites. And also the caution not to pay to write! Good point!

By Marilisa Sachteleben

Thank you for these very useful suggestions. I am encouraged when I hear your stress of persistence but also that it is worth it.

By Mary Norton