How To Make Money Writing Reviews for Video Games

When you think of video games, you probably think of people who don’t earn money. After all, the stereotypical outlook on video game geeks would suggest that they are unemployed, live in their mother’s basements, and the like. However, there are actually a lot of job opportunities in the gaming world. From computer software makers to beta testers, from CEOs of companies that make PSP games to distributors, all of these jobs pay quite well, seeing as the world is getting more and more in tune with its digital side, and more and more young and young-at-heart folks are starting to play video games. A good, freelance way to earn money is by writing reviews for video games. This is really quite a flexible job to do, and this article will show you how.

  1. Find your genre. Books have genres, and so do Video Games. To review a Video Game means you have to endure playing it. If you’re not a fan of first person shooters, then how are you supposed to write a review? However, if you’re going to be a video game reviewer, then you should like most of the varieties and genres of games. There may be some things there that you’re letting yourself miss out on.
  2. Hardware. If you write reviews about PSP games, then the first order of business is to get a PSP. This goes the same for computer games or console games. For example, if you’re going to write a review on Halo 3, then you can’t really make a good review if you haven’t played it. Some consoles and some games need different accessories. Like the Wii, for example, they have different accessories for various games and you might find yourself being unable to write a good review. Also, get yourself a notepad, as writing reviews may come suddenly. You can jot down notes about the game’s features or the storyline itself. You’ll also need a computer with an Internet connection too, as you’ll have to publish your articles online. Or at least a P.O Box if you’re writing for a games magazine.
  3. Scheduling. Even if writing video games is freelance work, you should schedule your days so that you don’t slack off and lose your job. Your day will probably start at around the day the games companies’ days start. Be mindful of time zones though, as some video game companies are halfway across the world. Forming a rapport with their press relations office will probably help you in getting the information you need.
  4. Write. The easiest thing to forget is how to write properly. Learn the lingo and talk with sense. Do not go on bashing a game just because you think it’s bad, tell it like it is. Write of its good sides and bad sides. After all, what you say can and will influence your reputation. This way, people will come to your site more often, get you more pageviews and click your advertisements, earning you more money for your website’s upkeep and profit.

A normal freelance video games writer’s salary is variable due to pageviews, however, if you make a name for yourself, you can get your website up and running. Other existing games websites hire writers for about $20,000 to $25,000 a year. Not bad for writing about and playing pioneering games, don’t you think?


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