How To Make Mosaic Glass Art

Jazzing up the look of your home need not be expensive and complicated. In fact, it can even be fun. Mosaic glass art is one avenue to explore to liven up any surface whether it is your bathroom floor, kitchen table, or glass window. Almost any surface can be a canvas for mosaic art. If you want to spiff up your home on a tight budget, there is no need to purchase ready-made classy art when you can do it yourself with materials you can find in any garbage. All you need are some pieces of glass, grout, glue and your unlimited imagination.

  1. Draw the plans. Before this fun and creative undertaking develops, you will need to plan it out. First off, sketch a pattern of the art you want. Let us assume that you want to do a simple flower mosaic on your bathroom floor using stained and broken glass. Get a piece of paper and draw the flower and identify the colors of each part of the drawing. Once you have completed the plans, measure the floor or surface where you plan to give life to your masterpiece. Measuring your floor will give you an idea of the amount of grout and glass you will need. Make sure that your floor is flat, leveled, and hard. If the floor is painted and smooth, roughen it up with sandpaper to ensure the grout will stick firmly. You can opt to place a ply board on top of the surface to act as the main canvas of the art if you do not want to damage the floor underneath. Just make sure that the board should be glued or nailed down onto the floor firmly.
  2. Gather the materials. You will need glass as the main component of your mosaic. You can either collect varied colored or stained glass bottles in your local junkyard or garbage site or purchase pre-made and pre-designed stained glass pieces and tiles at your local hardware store. Either way, get more than you need just in case you make some mistakes. Purchase some pre-mixed grout enough for an even leveled thickness of one-half inch all over the surface. This will be needed to set the glass in place firmly. Make sure you have glue as well.
  3. Design the pattern on the surface. Once you have all the materials ready, start placing the glass pieces on the surface emulating the initial design you sketched up before. Once you complete the design, glue each piece onto the surface to make sure that it does not move when you pour the grout. Be sure to leave enough space for the grout to be poured into.
  4. Pour the grout. As soon as everything is set, pour the grout onto all the seams around the glass pattern. Make sure not to just pour everything in. Once you are through, let the grout dry. As soon as it is dried, use a damp cloth and wipe any excess grout from the glass. If this is a difficult process for you, you can also opt to set the grout onto the surface and just design and push the glass onto the grout. It is all up to you.

Mosaic glass art can be a simple and fun activity. You can even have your family and children help you out as well. You can opt to use other materials like broken ceramics and pottery instead of glass especially if you want the design to seem Latin American in nature.


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