How To Make Mosaic Pots

Mosaic pots are darling to see in your garden, sun room or even in your living room. It makes good use of practically any scrap of glass or tile that you can find stored in the trash bins or garages or your own home. Making a mosaic pot is not really hard to do. Even if you buy some of the materials, the investment you are putting into it is worth it. You can sell these mosaic pots to garden enthusiasts or even those who love crafts. Here is how you can make your own mosaic pot:

1. Buy a terracotta pot in a local plant shop or a local plant supplies store. You can opt for any size. Remember that the bigger your pot, the more materials you will need to make the mosaic pot. There are a lot of different shapes of the pot but basically they are rounded. Examine the pot for breaks or cracks. Get the pot with the smoothest possible surface.

2. Gather your materials. Remember that some of your materials for the mosaic need not to be bought in a craft store. They can be bought also in a builder’s supply store. Some of the materials you will need can be found in your own backyard. Here are the list of the materials for the mosaic you will be needing:

  • Mosaic tiles. These are the small inch by inch tiles that are often used as an accent for a home. These mosaic tiles are used in bathrooms.
  • Small pebbles. You can buy small pebbles from a craft store or you can simply pick some from your yard. Be sure to wash the pebbles and let it dry before proceeding with your work.
  • Small shells. If shells are not readily available in your area, you can buy them in craft stores. This material can be optional if you have no resource for it.
  • Broken plates or glass. You can utilize broken pieces of plates or glass for your mosaic pot. Choose the ones with bright colors or interesting patterns. The colors of the plates or glass would add to the design that you are going to do.

3. Be sure to wear goggles before starting your work. Goggles will protect your eyes from getting hurt from accidental flying debris.

4. If you bought mosaic tiles from a craft store, they are usually packaged in a plastic container. Smash them gently with a hammer while they are still inside the package. This will prevent little pieces or fragments from flying to your direction. When you open the mosaic tile package, the tiles are neatly smashed into tiny pieces. You can also use a nipper to cut the tiles in half shapes. 

5. Draw your design first on the pot with a soft lead pencil as a guide. Put glue on your pot. Use a spatula to smooth the glue out on one area first. Stick your tiny pieces of tiles, pebbles and broken glass on the pot to your desired design. Repeat this step until the whole perimeter of the pot is covered. Let it dry for a few minutes.

6. Get some grout and with a spatula, spread it over the tiles. Be sure that the tiles are in place and are dry before spreading the grout. Continue spreading the grout until all the tiles are covered with it, especially between cracks. Let the grout dry for 20 minutes.

7. Get some water and a sponge. Once the grout is completely dry, wash off the tiles with water. Be careful not to rub the tiles too hard.

Once you get the procedure smoothly, you can experiment with other materials like broken pieces of plastic jewelries or pieces of bathroom tiles. You can sketch out your ideas on paper first before proceeding into laying out the design on the pot. This way you can create a lot of designs for your mosaic pot. Explore your creativity.


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