Making Musical Instruments from Junk: Kids' Musical Instruments

Learn to Make Homemade Musical Instruments for Children

Encouraging your child to create musical instruments from junk is a great way to help them learn how they work and why they sound the way they do. You give him/her the opportunity to visualize an instrument’s inner workings. This also helps them plan projects as well as experiment with various ideas. Plus, making musical instruments isn't that difficult and will be a project that you and your children will enjoy.

A successful project can give your child much satisfaction and confidence, as he can be regarded as a designer and inventor at an early age. You can produce the best sound that will complement his playing skills. Best of all, you will be able to recycle junk materials. You do not need to buy expensive materials, and at the same time you get to help the environment.

Here are two easy and artistic ways to make musical instruments from junk:

First, you must decide what type of instrument your children want to make. You can choose from a variety of options by showing them pictures and illustrations of the different parts of instruments. Inform them of the basic uses of each. If possible, bring them to a nearby music store and let them try everything out. Just make sure they handle the real instruments carefully. 
Here are samples on how to make kids' instruments such as a drum and a guitar out of recycled materials.


  • used durable box with cover
  • 2 old barbeque sticks or any long object
  • colored glossy magazine papers
  • coloring materials
  • 2 spools and yarn
  • any type of adhesive


Cover the box with magazine papers. Use the adhesive to secure them to the box. Design with coloring materials. Let your child use his or her imagination. Do not influence the artwork, as your child should feel ownership over the project.

Poke the middle of the cover with the barbeque stick, enough to fit the yarn. Do the same at the middle portion of the bottom of the box. Place the yarn inside the holes, and ensure that the length fits your child’s neck up to the waist. Attach the spools to the barbeque stick securely. Use adhesive if necessary. Your drum is ready.



  • any strong box (cigar box, shoe box or grocery box)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • 4 high-quality rubber bands
  • coloring materials or excess paints stored at home
  • any type of adhesive

Secure the box with its cover. Make sure that it will not separate even if it is held upside down. Cut a designed hole at the center of the box. It can be a shape of a flower or any other shape that your child wants. Let your children sketch the design with a pencil before cutting the hole. After this, close the box and secure the cover with the rubber bands. Stretch the rubber bands differently. A thinner rubber band makes higher pitched sounds. Let your child experiment with the different sounds and adjust the placement of rubber bands if needed. Your guitar is now ready.

You now know how to make musical instruments from junk. It may take time to create the perfect homemade instruments, but help your child enjoy the process. Persuade your child to try until they are able to get the effect that they want. It is possible that your child will make mistakes along the way. Do not let him give up. Projects such as this, no matter how simple, will create a long-lasting impression on your child. If you see him through with the project and help him appreciate the simple instrument that he has made, you help make him become more responsible and able to face the different challenges of life.


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