How To Make Natural Pheromones

The study of pheromones is now a distant comparison from its past since its discovery 3 decades ago. In such a short span of time, artificial pheromones are now available in many drug stores. But because this product is so revolutionary, it is sold in the market with a high price tag. To get it, you will need to dig deep into your pockets. However, there is a way of obtaining organic and cheap pheromones. Pheromones are found in your own sweat, so the process involved in obtaining it will require you to break a sweat. Here is how you do it.

Learn the facts about sweat. Sweat easily becomes foul smelling because it is one of our body’s wastes. To slow down the putrefaction of your sweat, eat a healthy diet and minimize its time of exposure to the environment. You might need to cleanse your sweat also by drinking more water. Learn the areas in your body that produces the muskiest smell. For most men, the areas around the nipples, underarms, and reproductive area contains the most concentration of pheromones. Do not mistaken musk with foul smell. If your sweat smells extremely strong but it does not contain the familiar smell of bad body odor, then that smell is musky.

Collect your own sweat. Three days before collecting your pheromones, prepare your body for it. Eat a high protein diet, drink plenty of water, and exercise every day. The day before you are suppose to collect your sweat, prepare for bed as early as possible. Early in the morning, choose the body part that you want to pack with plastic. Some parts may not be easy to pack but do not let that stop you. Just keep in mind that the area should be hygienic. Let yourself sweat hard then collect the drops in a bottle. Leave it alone for a week before proceeding to the next step.

Use the right exercise. When choosing an exercise, you might want to use the more aggressive ones. Push-ups, boxing, weight lifting, etc. will help you release more of the pheromones through the sweat. Another point to consider when choosing an exercise, is the body part that you want to use. For example, running will not do it for the underarm and groin area because there is just too much friction that could tear off the plastic covering.

Try your “love scent”. To use the pheromones, mix the sweat with your favorite perfume. Try it on but do not expect it to work on everyone. It is known by science that pheromones work like keys to a door. Some women may not be sensitive to your brand of sweat. However, when you find someone who is attracted to you instantly, do not let that person go. That person could fall in love with your scent.

Natural pheromones are our body’s way of calling a special someone, but if the natural selection process of having a special someone come after you has been slow for you, then try this and let the magic happen. This is your ticket in getting into the hearts of the ladies.


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