How To Make Nesting Dolls

In Russia, the most popular souvenir is the matryoshka or the nesting doll. It has become quite famous in different parts of the world and is often exhibited in fairs, exhibits and festivals because of its fascinating feature and design.

Many kids love nesting dolls and they would probably enjoy making one themselves. Though most matryoshka dolls are made from wood, your kids could easily make one using some simple materials found in your own home.

Your kids could try the paper mache nesting dolls but this kind of nesting doll is a bit advance because it needs a good mold. It is best to get them started with something simple and work their way up to a more complicated nesting doll.

To make a simple and easy nesting doll your kids would need different sizes of paper cups. These cups are available in many stores. Choose at least three different sizes of the same style for the nesting dolls. Other than that, your kids would also need some old newspaper, a pair of scissors, flour, water, big bowl, paint and some paint brushes.

  • Cut the newspapers into strips. It would be best to cut it into thin strips to make it easier to place on the cups. Make sure to cut enough strips to cover the paper cups at least three times.
  • Make some paper mache glue. In a bowl, mix two cups of flour with one cup of water. Mix it well until all the lumps are gone.
  • Dip the newspaper strips in the paper mache glue. Dip the strips one at a time, wiping off any excess liquid.
  • Cover the paper cup. Stick the strip on the paper cup and apply it in a weaving pattern. Do this until the whole cup is completely covered.
  • Allow the paper cup to dry. Place it on a smooth surface and leave it there until it dries. Once the cup is dry, add another layer of newspaper strips and let it dry again. Do this until you have at least placed three layers of newspaper strips on the paper cup.
  • Decorate the paper cup. When the paper mache has dried completely, you can start painting the outside of the paper cup. Let the paint dry first before painting in the details to make sure that the paint won’t mix in with other colors. You can look at different nesting dolls design as your reference or you can paint it according to your own style. For paper mache, it is best to use acrylic paint. Once you have finished designing the cup, you can spray it with some shellac to give it a good finish.

Your kids will definitely have fun making their own nesting dolls and they can even display their work in the different parts of the house. It is important to have an adult around when your kids are doing this activity to make sure that there will be no accidents or mishaps.

The nesting dolls will be a great reminder of your kid’s childhood and when they grow older, they would definitely appreciate the dolls that they made themselves. That is why if you want to give your kids an enriching activity then this would be perfect for your little angels.


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