How To Make Obsidian Necklaces

Obsidian is a rock that is formed through the cooling of magma. It is an igneous type of rock that has a very glassy appearance despite it’s almost jet black color. The rock has seen a lot of use, and in ancient times was a tool for cutting through meat and even in warfare. Obsidian is so tough that it could be fashioned into an arrowhead or the tip of a spear. Since it has the same properties as glass, it’s cutting edge was also one of the best before the time of metalwork.

Aside from the more gory side of things, obsidian also had a lot of use in the making of jewelry. It’s dark black hue has captured the imagination of people not only during the centuries past but also in the present day. True enough, the thought of having something so beautiful coming out of a very chaotic event such as the eruption of volcanoes and the movement of molten rock still fascinate a lot of people today.

Obsidian has long been popular as a favorite material in necklaces. For this article, you would learn how to create your very own obsidian necklace with your own personal touch.

  1. The style is fairly simple. All you need is the string you want to fashion into a necklace, a piece of tough craft wire and your obsidian.
  2. Use a pair of pliers to create a cradle that you snugly house your piece of obsidian. This will be the best alternative if you don’t want to risk drilling into your rock.
  3. Don’t forget to add a circular piece on the cradle. You may thread the string through this hole. And viola, you have an obsidian necklace. You may add extra beads and other ornaments into the mix but if you want the obsidian to be the focus, try to keep it as simple as possible.
  4. Add a locking mechanism to your necklace or simply make a hangman loop at the end and an overhand knot on the other side so that you can have a way to close your necklace.
  5. If you want to use your necklace for another project, it would be easier to untangle the wire cradle. Your obsidian would be good as new. This is one of the advantages of using the cradle instead of drilling through the rock. Some rocks could also fragment when drilled.

Obsidian is a strong fashion statement and it has very strong traditional and cultural ties with a lot of people. Wearing it in public can communicate your strong devotion to local cultures, your openness to the wonders of other lifestyles as well as your admiration of the vast power of nature to destroy and create in various ways. Wear it proud and never be shy to talk about it when someone asks you about your obsidian necklace.


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