How To Make Office Darts

Office darts are a fun and creative way to pass a dull day at the office. If your boss is out of town or away for a meeting, you can make some darks with a few materials you have around the office and a few minutes of your time. Follow these instructions to make office darts.


  • Wooden pencils (not sharpened)
  • Push pins
  • Small post it notes
  • Tape
  • Picture of a dartboard or image to aim at
  • Cubicle wall
  1. Place pushpin onto the pencil. Hold the pencil straight and then place the pushpin against the unsharpened tip of the pencil with the sharp side of the pin facing away from the pencil. Hold the two pieces together then wrap tape around the two to hold them together.
  2. Create the dart tail. Start with three post it notes of the same color. Stand the first one on its side. Then hold the other two notes on their sides. Position the notes so that standing they create the shape of a triangle. Push the center of each triangle side toward the center creating three arcs to create the shape of a Y. Tape each of the edges together.
  3. Insert the pencil to create the dart. Slide the pencil eraser end through the center of the arcs so that the notes form the wings or tail of the dart. Use tape to secure the tail to the pencil.
  4. Repeat steps to create additional darts. Most dart games require three darts per player but make as many as you want.
  5. Use pushpins to create dartboard. Print out a photo of a dartboard or any other object you want to use for your target. Secure the target to your cubicle wall with pushpins.
  6. Let the darts fly. With your darts and board created you are ready to play the game.

Making office darts is risky so be sure you won't lose your job over this simple game before you make them. If you can have a little fun at the office, these darts are a simple way to create a game out of common items you have sitting around in a drawer.


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