How To Make Olive Oil Soap without Lye

Soap is a very basic need for most people. A nice shower will not be complete without lathering into a bubbly and sudsy bout with a bar of soap. Specialty soaps can be quite expensive to buy in shops so some people even resort to making their own. Unfortunately, soaps are commonly made with a substance called lye – a very caustic and alkaline material --- that could lead to skin irritation and even more serious injuries. Most people want to steer away from this chemical, so some of them just make soap in the liquid form with the use of the neutral bases found in crafts store.

In this article, you will learn how to make olive oil soap without the harmful liquid lye. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to your favourite craft and hobbies store and buy a soap base. This is a pre-prepared substance that could be easily melted and molded to whatever shape you want to have. While in the store, try to select your preferred mold for your soap. Soap molds come in many different shapes and sizes be aware of the base requirement that you need to be able to create the amount of soap you want for yourself.
  2. Buy the necessary essential oils that would be used for the project. Essential or infused oils are concentrated types of oil that have the essence of an herb or spice in it. This makes the smell of the oil very strong. If you mix it with a soap base, the smell will be very distinct even if you use a very small amount of oil.
  3. Melt the soap base on top of a double boiler. Do not turn up the heat. It may be a slow process but a slower melting rate is still better than having burnt soap.
  4. Take a few drops of your essential oil (for this purpose, olive oil) and mix it into your melting soap base. Do it little by little. Smell the resulting concoction every time you add a little bit of oil to the mix.
  5. Take the base off the burner and pour them into soap molds. Allow them to cool and harden.
  6. Remove the now hardened soaps from the molds and clean off the edges with a craft knife.

And there you have it! Your very own bath soap infused with the scents of olive oil! This type of soap will be great for making sure that your skin stays hydrated and supple despite all the time you spend outside. If you put them in small bags and put a tiny ribbon on them, they would make for a great birthday or holiday give away. Just be creative with it!

The same recipe could also be used to create your very own soap. Just add all the essential oils that you want to use. You are only limited by your imagination with the combinations that you want to try. You may even combine many different oils that smell real nice together. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


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