How To Make Ooze

If you’ve watched a couple of game shows on Nickelodeon, you’ve probably seen how a seemingly sticky liquid just falls from the ceiling and gets on the heads and faces of unsuspecting actors. That ladies and gentlemen, is ooze. It may look really fancy on television, but there’s an easy way of making a version of it at home. It could also be a great way to teach children a few basic principles in science.

The materials and ingredients that are to be used for ooze are quite common, and you probably wouldn’t have to go to the grocery store or supermarket to prepare the things you need. For this project you should get two cups of cornstarch and cup of water. That’s literally all the things you need! To make it a little more fun and visually appealing to the children, you may also want to get a non-toxic dye or food coloring.

Before starting, it would be better if you would protect your table top with a layer or two of newspapers. It can be quite messy so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s how you create your home-made ooze:

  1. Put two cups of cornstarch in a mixing bowl (or just about anything that could hold it and allow you to mix the contents). If you want your cornstarch to be smooth and not lumpy, you will be better off putting the cornstarch through a sieve. This would ensure that no big clumps of cornstarch would end up in the ooze.
  2. Add water little by little to the cornstarch. It would be better if the water is a bit on the warm side. This would allow the cornstarch to dissolve faster. You may mix the solution with your hands or with a wooden spoon or rubber scraper. You will see the solution change in consistency until it becomes a very thick liquid that just oozes.
  3. Add a dab of food coloring. Just like before, fold in the dye into the corn starch. Add more food coloring if you want a deeper color that what you already have. Again, make sure that it is non-toxic since the children will be playing with ooze in their hands.
  4. Store the ooze in a tightly sealed jar for future use.

Ooze can be a great tool to teach children the phases of matter. When molded, the ooze can turn quite solid. But once you stop manipulating the material, it would literally ooze out of your fingers like a liquid! If you think the ooze is getting a bit too dry, you may add water to it. You may fix a runny ooze by putting more cornstarch into it. Dispose of it properly. Ooze can easily clog sinks and drainages. Throw it in the trash along with the solid waste.

Having ooze around is not only fun for the kids, it is also potentially educational. Just make sure that you clean your children’s hands after playtime. As you would suspect, it can be quite messy!


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