How To Make Origami Guns

Origami folding
Origami is a unique paper craft that can be a lot of fun. Did you know that you can even make origami guns? It's a great beginner project if you are just learning to make origami pieces.

Step 1

Find your paper. To make and origami gun, you'll need two square pieces of paper. You can make regular 8 1/2" by 11" printer paper square by folding one corner to the opposing edge, forming a triangular shape with an extra rectangle. After you cut off this extra rectangle, unfold the paper. It will now be square. Don't use pieces of paper much larger or smaller than this, or it will be hard to make the origami gun. Make sure both of your squares are the same size, or your origami gun will not fit together correctly.

Step 2

Start folding the first piece. Fold the whole bottom edge of the first piece of paper about half an inch up, and make a sharp crease. Keep doing this again and again until your reach the end of the paper. If you reach the end and there is a small strip of paper left, fold it under the last fold you've made, so that it doesn't stick out. You'll end up with a long skinny piece of paper that has been folded many times, so it will be pretty thick.

Step 3

Fold the second piece. Now, follow step two with the second piece of paper. You will end up with another skinny rectangle of folded paper.

Step 4

Fold in half. Once you have folded the second piece into a skinny rectangle, fold both of them in half so that they are shorter.

Step 5

Finish folding the second piece. Unfold the fold you have just made in the second piece, leaving a sharp crease. Now fold both of the ends to be perpendicular to the skinny rectangle. Leave about an inch of straight paper on either side of the center fold. You will end up with a U-shaped piece of folded paper. Both of the ‘legs' of the U should be even. Now, fold it in half at the center line, so that you end up with an L-shape, with the opened fold on the top.

Step 6

Fit the two pieces together. Holding the second piece like a gun, slide the first piece into the top of the second piece, with the ends held down by the folded flaps on the handle of the gun. Pull tight, and you're done!

Toy origami guns are fun to make, and they take just a few minutes. The finished gun should be around 3 or 4 inches long, depending on the exact size of the paper you have used.


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