How To Make Origami Paper Cups for Valentine's Day

The art of paper folding, known as origami, is popular in Japan. There are a number of figures and even artworks that are made through origami. Even if you do not intend to use origami to make art, you can still use it to make paper cups for Valentine ’s Day. With these paper cups, you will have an inexpensive gift that you can give to your friends or even your loved one when the day of hearts approaches. Here’s how.

  • Cut. Start by taking a sheet of colored or printed specialty paper. Fold it so that creates a triangle, and cut off the excess so that you will have a perfectly square sheet of paper. Afterwards, take the paper and place it on top of a clean table, with the colored part of the sheet of paper facing the table.
  • Triangle. Next, fold the sheet in half from one corner to the other so that you are able to form a perfect triangle. You can follow the lines that you have made earlier in order to form the perfect square. After folding, use your nails or your fingertips to crease the diagonal line running through the triangle. After creasing it, fold the tips of the triangle inwards and make sure that the bottom part of the main triangle is in line with the new crease . Repeat this procedure with the other pointed edge of the triangle and then crease again.
  • Repeat. Next, turn the triangle on its other side. Look for the tips and then fold it inwards again, so that the tip is pointing at the center of the triangle and the bottom crease is in line with edge of the main triangle . Repeat for the other tip on the other side of the triangle, and then crease again all of the folds with your fingers. This will make the cup look sharp and crisp, so that it will not fold in on itself.
  • Open . Now ,you should notice that the top part of the triangle is trapped inside the folds of the ends of the triangle. Use your finger to push the top inwards, making sure that you allow the sides of the folded sheet of paper to expand. As you keep pushing the top inwards, you will notice that it forms a cup, with the opening at the bottom. After you have opened the cup up, position it with the right side up.
  • Candies. Now that you have your origami cup, all you need is to take a box of sweets and add them to the cup. Make sure that you choose chocolates and sweets that are covered with wrapping, so that the chocolate and the candies do not stick to the side of the paper cup. You can also add rose petals into the cup, to make it even more romantic. Or, you can also add a whole head of rose to top off the candy cup.

With these steps, you should be able to easily create your very own Origami cup for Valentine ’s Day. The project will take you less than five minutes, and just a few dollars.


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