How To Make Padded Coat Hangers

As you look into your closet, you do not want to see it disorganized and unappealing.  You want to look into your wardrobe and see pleasant things.  Like most women, you want to look at your dresses and think like a model looking into her vast array of sexy clothing.  But how will you do that if you see wire hangers, bent and protruding from your sexy red dress or long flowing black evening gown.  If you intend to do something about it, you can create these padded coat hangers.

  1. Preparing the coat hanger. The coat hanger does not have to be special or old.  You can take any wire hanger to use.  There is only one requirement in selecting the wire hanger and that is it must be intact.  After you have selected a hanger, flatten it a few inches to make it easier to wrap but not too much that you will turn it into a rod. 

  2. Decorating the hook. The hook can be colored according to your desire but it will still resemble the crooked springs.  To improve that, color it with something similar to that of the cloth that you intend to wrap around the hanger then insert it in the smallest colorless rubber tube you can find.  You now have a very decorative hook and you do not have to worry anymore of being stabbed by the spring every time you take out your coat. 

  3. Making the batting sheets. Batting sheets or fillers should be measured by tracing the shape of the hanger.  Wrap the batting sheet onto the hanger then cut it into shape.  Glue the batting sheet together.  From this point on, you must make sure that the hanger is gently handled because the wadding might tear. 

  4. Putting on the covers. The covers do not have to be new or perfectly sown.  In fact, you will be using glue to hold them in place.  Use the same method you did when you where determining the shape of the wadding sheet in measuring the covers.  The only difference is that you will have to place allowances for gluing or sewing purposes.
  • Sewing. If you like to sew your padded hanger, sew with the wrong side out.  Stitch only one arm up to the neck then insert the cover to the hanger.  To cover the wadding sheet fully, glue the unfinished portion of the cover.  You will need to pin this side of the cover to put it in place. 

  • Using glue. If you have little time to spare, you may initially use pins to hold the sheet in place.  Let it dry.  After making sure that the glue has totally dried, remove the pins.  If there are unglued portions, use what is left of your glue to solve that problem. 

There are only few things in the world that women would not do to improve their wardrobe.  However, spending your time following the simple steps in making padded coat hangers will not increase the number of clothes you have, but it will at least make your closet look good.


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