How To Make Painted Hand Prints on T-Shirts

Adding hand prints to your T-shirts is an innovative way to accentuate your appearance. It’s so easy that kids of all ages can do hand prints. Using your hands, you can make great artwork on the T-shirts. With different colors, you can do a lot of hand prints. You need bright colored T-shirts such as neon, white, orange, yellow or sky blue. Hand printed T-shirts are great for parties, clubs, field trips and other activities.

There should be lots of old newspapers since hand prints get messy. Things you need include rugs, newspapers, fabric paint, old plates, a firm cardboard big enough to be inserted into the T-shirts and some thumbtacks.

  1. Prepare the T-shirts. Be certain that T-shirts are properly washed and dried so the artwork will not shrink. It is important that these are not wrinkled. For great results, iron out the T-shirts for an even hand print.
  2. Use a board. Insert the board in the T-shirt and stretch out to keep the fabric taut. Use three or more thumbtacks to keep the fabric taut and in place during the entire printing activity.
  3. Practice. Pour a small amount of paint into a plate. Firmly dip your palm and try pressing onto old paper for practice. When you have applied the right amount of even paint onto the surface and satisfied with the result, you may proceed with the T-shirts.
  4. Apply hand print. Firmly dip your palm into the fabric paint. Press your palm into the T-shirt. Be certain that the board is behind the fabric print. Press for several seconds, apply enough pressure to let the paint soak into the T-shirt. Your fingers and all the sides of your palm should be pressed down evenly.
  5. Repeat. Remove your hand and dip into the paint. You may repeat as much as you wish for this same color alone.
  6. Dry out. The T-shirts should be hung on a clothesline or placed in a clean, dry spot under the sun. The paint thoroughly dries within an hour.
  7. Using other colors and overlapping prints. However, before applying other colors, wait for each color to dry out completely and you should thoroughly wash your hands to remove the former paint. Pour a moderate amount on another plate. Do not use a plate with some paint residue as this mixes and changes the color of the paint you are about to use.

Your may also buy luminous fabric paint for great effects. Luminous fabric paints cost more than regular paints but they last longer and glow in the dark. With a small paint brush you can add some texts onto the fabric. Remember to place the board in-between the fabrics to prevent the paint from seeping or staining into the other side. Hand prints should be done on the body of the T-shirt and then the neck area and sleeves.

Aside from painted hand prints, you can also do foot prints and paw prints. You can make your old t-shirts look brand new with these prints.


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