How To Make Palm Tree Decorations

If you are having a pool party, it would be a fun idea to dot the pool area with fake palm trees. But plastic palm trees might be too expensive for just one party. One way to create palm trees for that tropical feel is by making palm trees made of balloons. Not only is this an easy decoration to make, it is also cheaper and a fun way to decorate your pool area. To create these fake palm trees using balloons, you will need to order specialty balloons. Don't worry; there are many specialty balloons online, as well as in certain balloon stores. Here are ways to create those balloon palm trees, so you can have a fun pool party during spring break or summer.

  • Buy the stuff that you need. You will need to buy Link-o-Loons, a kind of balloon that allows you to link and connect as many balloons as you want. You need 6 bags of cocoa brown Link-o-Loons, 100 balloons of brown balloons that are 5 inches in diameter, 8 emerald green long balloons sized 6 inches wide and 46 inches long, these are also called 646 balloons; and a helium tank. You can rent a helium tank from the balloon store if you don't want to make a purchase. Order and reserve weeks ahead of your party, but prepare the palm trees on the day of your party itself so the balloons won't deflate easily.
  • Inflate your Link-a-Loons. Take your helium tank and inflate the Link-a-Loons carefully. Be careful that you do not have any open flames nearby as helium can be flammable.
  • Connect the links. Once you have inflated the Link-a-Loons, tie them together to form a chain. This will serve as your palm tree trunk. Take one end of the tree trunk and tie it to some weights, so the Link-a-Loons will stay upright. You may use a piece of rock to anchor the balloons, so it won't deviate from the theme.
  • Inflate the other balloons. Take the 5-inch balloons and inflate them with helium. Tie with a piece of string and create clusters of 4 balloons. You can create this by tying together two balloons each, then tying each pair to another pair. Twist the balloons carefully together for a firmer hold. Attach these balloons to the palm tree trunk. These will serve as the palm tree's coconuts.
  • Inflate your 646 balloons. Using your helium tank, inflate the long balloons carefully. Tie two 646 balloons together and create four sets of 2 of these balloons. Combine all these pairs by twisting the ends together to form a fire burst pattern. This will serve as the palm tree leaves. Tie the center of the 646 balloon cluster to the top part of the Link-o-Loon tree trunk. Fluff the balloons to spread out the “leaves” properly.

Be careful when you are inflating and handling the balloons so they don't pop. Do not place them near sharp or pointed objects to preserve them. Since latex balloons tend to let helium out relatively quickly, it is best to create your palm tree balloons the morning of your party. Make different-sized palm trees for variety. You can even have a palm tree floating on the pool itself.


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