How To Make Paper Clay

Paper clay works just like regular clay and is best used for ceramics but it is different in that paper clay is sturdier and easier to handle. It is also a lighter by a percentage and is a perfect material to use when you are starting out in the art of molding clay. You can make paper clay on your own if you wish to do things the traditional way. Here are the steps on how to make your very own paper clay.

  • Get your materials ready. You will need to purchase 5 kilograms of any type of clay, a bucket for mixing, 4 rolls of toilet paper, some hot water, a paint mixer, plaster slabs and an electric drill. You may get these from hardware stores so it won't be too difficult for you to find them. You may also try searching for these materials online if you prefer to have them shipped to you.
  • Make paper pulp. Using your toilet paper, you will create paper pulp. Paper pulp can be made with any kind of paper, you may even recycle old newspapers, or magazines, but these are harder to dissolve as compared with toilet paper. If you have more time to dissolve the paper, you may use other types of paper, but toilet paper is softer and is thus, easier to dissolve in water. Take all the rolls of toilet paper, including the cardboard roll inside, and dissolve it in a bucket of hot water. You will find the toilet paper will dissolve almost upon contact. Stir this until the paper is dissolved completely. Take an electric drill and mix the toilet paper, until you form loose pulp. If the pulp mix becomes dry, pour more water into the mix. Once ready, squeeze out the excess water and “harvest” from the bucket.
  • Mix clay and paper pulp. Take you 5 kilos of clay and cut them into pieces. Use an old knife or some wire to cut it easily. Be careful when you are doing this step. Add this to another bucket together with the paper pulp that you have just made. Mix well together until you reach a muddy consistency with your clay. Add pieces of clay one by one so it won't be too hard for you to mix. If it becomes too sticky, add more water into the mixture. Keep on mixing until you reach a muddy mixture that can be scooped with a spoon. Don't worry if you find that you added too much water. You can always pour it out once you are done mixing the clay. When you are satisfied, you can now begin to mold your paper clay. You have just created your very own paper clay.

You can now start on your paper clay project. You may start sculpting and creating new items. If you need more paper clay, you can always make more. If you have time and patience, it is best to recycle paper so you will not only be able to create beautiful items, you can also help the environment.


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