How To Make Paper Dolls

With creative thinking, you can come up with lots of ideas on how paper art can be made—from origami, the art of Japanese paper-folding to paper mache models of sculptures. One of the simplest forms of artwork with paper is making paper dolls. For centuries, this kind of artwork has been one of the most popular children’s toys around the world.

To begin with, you will need ten pieces of carbon paper, scissors, crayons or colored pencils, a computer with printer, and some old model brochures.

  1. Search. Find a small miniature illustration of a person or a cartoon character in old brochures, books and magazines. Make sure that the chosen pattern has a clear outline. The arms and legs of the pattern should be well-defined so you can cut out clothes later easily.
  2. Cut. With a scissor, carefully cut out the outline of the doll. Do not hurry as you may accidentally cut off the arms, legs or neck.
  3. Trace. Get a carbon paper and trace the outline of the picture. Adjust lines as needed. It is necessary for certain parts to stand out more so the clothes can fit well. Carefully cut the shoulder and arms. Then transfer the tracing to a thick card.
  4. Cut. Take the thick card and cut out the shape. It is better to be slow in cutting to ensure that you may not accidentally cut off any part of the doll.
  5. Apply color on the doll. You may use crayons, color pencil or color pen to color the doll. Draw the nose, mouth, eyebrows, eyes, ears, moles. Whether your doll is brunette or blond, choose the matching hair color too.
  6. Trace for clothes. Take the carbon paper and trace the body of the doll on a new piece of paper. Think of T-shirts, suits, ties, shorts, scarves, hats, pants, jackets and anything you want your doll wear with. The sizes of the traces must not be too fit or too small for the doll. Give the impression that the clothes perfectly fit. For example, the jacket must be thick and stocky. Trace the parts of the body where these clothes are worn.
  7. Apply color on the clothing items. Use any coloring tool and color the clothes one by one.
  8. Cut out the clothes. Get a scissor and cut out the pieces. In cutting the clothes out, be certain that you left pieces of extended paper or tabs at the sides of the clothes. This will allow you to attach the clothing by folding the tabs over the doll.
  9. Repeat. You can create as many clothes that you need. Be fashionable. Think of clothes worn one over the other. There are limitless number of clothes. You can even make footwear for the feet. Use your imagination to create different kinds of combination. You can mix and match. You can even cut out accessories like watches, bags and jewelries. Pets are also good to add. You may also make more people for her friends.

You can get more print-outs for your paper dolls from the Internet. Just browse on any search engine for “paper doll cut out” without the quotes and you will find lots of doll patterns. Print out and cut away!


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