How to Make Paper Dust Covers for Clothes

Frequent fashion shoppers and travelers often find themselves in the crisis of finding enough closet space to store their old clothes. Old clothes, when not used and mended carefully, are apt to rot and degrade due to moisture, humidity and dust. Piling clothes in closets is not good since these garments collect dust and need to be laundered regularly. One of the best ways to prolong the life of such clothes is to use paper dust covers for hung clothes.

Old clothes and those used once in a while must be moved to the storeroom or attic with dust covers on. This keeps your closet from being over piled with unnecessary clothes. Freeing space in the cramped closet exudes a feeling of tidiness.

To make paper dust covers for clothes, you need a very large roll of packaging paper, a space in your store room or attic, scissors, measuring tape, hammer, nails, old hangers and a very long thin pole. Follow the steps to save your clothes:

  1. Install the pole. You can reuse any long pipes for this storing purpose. In the attic or storeroom, install the pole at a level where the hung clothes do not tend to touch the floor. Use hammer and nails to place the pole in place horizontally.
  2. Rummage through your closet. Look for the clothes that you seldom wear or you have gotten bored of. The idea behind is to remove all the unnecessary clothes to lighten up your closet. Put all these clothes in a basket, and wash and dry.
  3. Measure each clothes. When you had dried the clothes, measure the entire length of each garment from top to bottom.
  4. Cut out the paper. Get the packaging paper and measure out the double length of the clothes. Cut the paper straight crosswise.
  5. Fold and insert. Fold the paper halfway. The dust cover should protect the front and back side of the hung clothes. In the folding side of the paper, cut a little slit for the hanger’s hook to slide into. Get a hanger and put on the garment of the same size.
  6. Put on the covers. Slide in the paper covers. Be certain that the bottom sides of the paper covers cover the downside of the clothes.
  7. Place the hung clothes. Hang the covered clothes on the pole. The pole should be strong enough for long term storage and a large number of hung garments. If you are looking for the clothes you need in the future, just peek on the sides.

Remember that the storeroom or the attic is an ideal place to store things for long term. Clothes that are casually used belong to the closet. Paper covered clothes can be retrieved on as-needed basis only. You may use colored paper dust covers to identify each garment without peeking through the sides. Color coding may enable you to pick each clothes far easily by classifying for whatsoever purpose such as sports attire, picnics or camping wear, sleepwear, party wear etc. When you take out a particular clothing, pull out slowly to avoid tearing the paper dust cover.


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