How To Make Paper Flower Pots

Have you ever thought of biodegradable flower pots? Then this project answers your doubts. Paper is one of the most biodegradable man-made materials on earth. Paper flower pots are so easy to make that you can make them for many occasions, including Valentine's Day gifts, Mother’s Day presents, wedding favors and many more. Instead of giving the usual bouquet, why not a live flower in a pot? Get ready to make one.

For this artwork, you need old newspapers cut into inch-wide strips, flour, water, plastic wrap, watercolor paints, brushes and a clay flower pot for form. Be certain of the shape and size of the flower pot you want. Follow the step-by-step instructions to make a new home for your flower:

  1. Make paper mache glue. Take three cups of flour and three cups of flour. Mix the ingredients in a bowl. You may make more if you had run out. It is quite simple to make.
  2. Cover the clay pot. In order to protect your clay pot from sticking to the paper mache, line the outside of the clay pot with plastic wraps. Secure it in place by using a tape at the inside of the clay pot rim. Be certain that not a part of the clay is exposed.
  3. Sticking the paper strips. Take the newspaper strips and dip each strip into the water and flour mixture (glue) that you had made. After moistening them one by one, stick the strips to the plastic-wrapped sides of the clay pot. Start from the top, going down. When the first layer of strips has been attached, allow it to dry. When dried, repeat the procedure, glue more strips until you have reached the desired thickness. Be certain that the paper mache pot is thick. This makes your project stronger and last longer.
  4. Remove the clay pot. When the strips had thoroughly dried out after a couple of hours in the sun, detach the tapes holding the plastic wrap at the rim of the clay pot. Slowly take out the clay pot, leaving the plastic wrap in the paper pot. The plastic wrap will protect the paper flower pot from the moist soil it will hold later.
  5. Paint and decorate. To entirely hide the paper mache from view, paint the entire paper pot white as the base color. From there you can paint the clay pot with watercolor paint. Let the paint dry beneath the sun before adding further decorations to the pot.

Well done! You can now add some soil and a plant in your paper pot. A live flower plant in a paper pot is truly worth inspiring than the grandeur of bouquet. Someday, you might plant the flower into the ground. Just slowly remove the plastic wrapper, displacing little soil as possible and then plant the entire plant with paper pot into the ground. The plant will grow and take root through the paper material.


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