How To Make Paper Flowers from Facial Tissues

You can make beautiful flowers to decorate a wide range of items or you can help your kids make beautiful paper flowers from facial tissues. It is simple, fun, and you can even get creative with them!

Step 1

Place two multi-ply tissues or four single ply tissues on top of each other. You will want several layers for this project, making it best to use two 2 or 3 ply tissues or 4 single ply tissues.

Step 2

Fold, using the accordion fold. To fold your tissues, you will want to fold one time up and make a crease. This fold should be about 1" upward. Now flip the tissues and fold upward again about 1". Repeat in this manner until your tissue is all folded up. If you hold it tight in the middle, then each side should fan out and look like a mini folding fan.

Step 3

Make a stem. Using a green pipe cleaner, you will want to wrap the pipe cleaner around the center of your accordion folded tissues. Make a couple of wraps so it is tight.

Step 4

Carefully pull your "petals" apart. You will now want to carefully pull the petals apart and up toward the center. You will need to do this for each layer and you will want to do this carefully so as not to tear it. It will require that you move them around a little to get the perfect look.

Step 5

Additions. You can then add a little paint to the tips of your flower petals. Take watercolor and gently touch the tips. The water will wick into the tissue, blending the colors. You can also add fine glitter by gently sprinkling it on. The fine types will get caught in the tissue with no need for glues. Glitter glue or glitter pens can also be used to add glitter and sparkle to the flowers.

These facial tissue flowers can be used to decorate tables at parties or for great kids' crafts. A variation is to use crepe paper or tissue paper instead of facial tissues. You can also cut the edges into different patterns for fancy shaped petals. Or you can cut your folded tissues in half and then make miniature flowers. Whatever you choose, have fun making beautiful flowers.


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